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Mary’s Painting

Mary’s painting shows a background that is lively and bushy. This suggests the lively components that the the young lady will be facing in a short time as she grows. She seems to have had a charm. The past is still fresh and still flourishing in the mind of the young Mary. There are several flowers and blue patches of white clounds on a blue sky. This creates serenity and calm atmosphere that the young lady lives in.

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The two paintings contrast interms of the general message. Because of the look on Stein’s face in the painting, we can already feel the sternness of the lady. It shows some advance in age and some serious outlook  towards life. It also carries wisdom in it and thoughtfulness that would suggest responsibility. Not only does the motherly mood showed represent maturity but also a sense of caring. 

Mary’s painting has a youthful mood, on the other hand. There is some sense of little experience in her, and she is eager to explore the world. The sharp eyes are ready to learn and observe despite their innocent look. The young sheep shows how delicate the young lady is. She further has a pet that shows how caring and tender she is. The rod in her hand creates a serious mood that  shows the lady’s focus and readiness to lead. It is, therefore, a mood of an intelligent, eager, tolearn, and responsible young lady.

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There is more expectation of life in Mary’s painting than in that of Stein. Stein is a comparatively older lady and has already seen enough, according to the painting, unlike Mary’s painting that has all the sense of liveliness, bright and expectant future. It could be argued that the ladies were not from similar backgrounds if their age difference was not depicted by the paintings. The artists used different dressing colours choosing bright and lively green dress for Mary and a dull-coloured dress for Stein. The two paintings can, however, be used to come up with different contrasting themes in the lives of young ladies.

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Age and attractiveness in Mary’s photo has been emphasised by the colors used by the painter, while Stein has been discredited in terms of attractiveness by the same features. The background as well gives a different look of both paintings, and has a very signifivcant meaning. It has shown a very big difference between Mary’s and Stein’s paintings.

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