The Navy Seal Museum

Before visiting the Navy Seal Museum, people usually wonder the kinds of activities taking place there. I had an opportunity to visit the museum, and the things I saw and heard were far from what I had believed previously. The museum displayed a lot of weapons that were successfully used to fight enemies and portraits and pictures of United States’ frogmen who had worked hard to protect America. Surely, the activities taking place at the museum are aimed at meeting its goals of embracing those who had done their best to protect the USA and its Allies.

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Displays. The Navy Seal Museum displays powerful weapons and equipment that have helped American seals fight and win battles. They fought to protect America from enemies. Among the weapons on display there is a ten thousand pound fiber glass lifeboat which was hijacked by Somali pirates during Easter, in April, 2009, with Richard Philips, the captain from Alabama, on it. The pirates were later killed by American seals, freeing the captain. A nine-foot tall stature made of bronze is put at the museum with the names of the Second World War frogmen and the modern seals that died while serving the country engraved.

Mannequins wear uniforms which were worn by the elite fighters. There were also Huey Helicopter and mini submarines displayed outside. Other devices seen on display are antiquated life jackets, gauges, and breathing gadgets. There were also a shredded Japanese flag and a document signed by the head of the Imperial Army when he surrendered during the Second World War. The displays remind people of the history of what have happened to the navy seals. They preserve history and make sure heroes are not forgotten. Patriots are and will be never forgotten, and it is good to die for the sake of your country.

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Stories. The stories told at the museum are also interesting to listen to. Stories of the traditional seals, on how they fought past wars such as the World War II are inspiring! There were no better means of communication, and technology was poor. But they won! Stories of people like Thesis. He wanted to be a navy officer since his childhood. He loved diving and practiced it frequently until his dream came true. Even at his old age, he still loved diving and could test his skills, though he could not hold his breath underwater for long. This shows how determination and hard work make people accomplish their desired goals in life.

The museum has attracted many people since the death of Osama Bin Laden. Some visitors want to know the events that led to his death; while others come with envelopes and gifts to thank the seals for the good work done. This shows the level at which people become concerned with events and the kind of appreciation they offer.

Donations and Membership. To effectively run the museum, it accepts donations from well-wishers and friends. It also recruits members in categories of annual, sponsor, and lifetime to get money. It is currently raising funds to construct a new museum at the place where the navy frogman was started. It also sells various goods such as T-shirts, apparels, gift certificates, watches, knives, electronic books, fitness accessories, books, DVDs, footwear, and supplements. This shocked me! Even such a museum that should be supported by the government requires support from well-wishers to finish a project! For sure, unity is strength. If many people donate to the said project, it will be finished with ease.

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It was not until I visited the museum that I realized that patriots should be highly recognized. I also realized that people appreciate success. I was inspired, and I am viewing things differently now.

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