Post-Impressionist Paintings

The post-impressionist paintings are in line with the current issues and can be put into modern use. Both painting categories have a rich background that informs us about the circumstances under which they came into existence and this helps us to trace the origin and the evolution of art as a whole (Baumann et al, 1994).

The history of painting helps us realize the significant roles that art has played since its inception, and this helps us appreciate and promote artistic activities. Post Impressionism represents a big achievement since it helped in coming up with paintings of leaders of the day, thus boosting patriotism in given states. It was also used to condemn certain behaviors or criticize people in order to make them more accountable, as well as to push for liberation, as some nationalists used artistic slogans to fight for their rights.

The paintings have been incorporated in the business world in order to promote products and communicate certain information to the concerned individuals, thus impacting positively on the global economy.

Some prominent artists who engaged in all or any of the painting techniques depended on the artistic activities for survival as they sold their paintings in order to generate income.

The pieces of art that I have illustrated above are very crucial for the wellbeing of the firm. When utilized properly, they can not only make the place more beautiful but also lead to improved performance of the firm as a whole. If painting and sculptures are put in the office of the company, they will greatly help in products promotion because we can decide to come up with paintings portraying our products and how to user those products.

Sculptures can also attract people to the firm since many people have become admirers of art and this can help to attract such individuals. When the whole place is well-painted or adorned with good paintings, the place shall be more appealing, provided the images portray a positive and commercially-oriented image.


It can be argued that growth and development of art is of more value to the artists themselves, the society and the corporate world since it delivers various messages. Most people appreciate artistic works, and, therefore, it is essential for the management to put in place appealing artistic features to try and attract the public to its premises. This shall lead to improved sales and consequently to the expansion of the firm. I, therefore, encourage the firm to use art in order to appeal to the customers. The sculptures and paintings to be put in place should be able to communicate a specific message to to the targeted group of clients.



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