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Dissertation introduction chapter writing can be rather problematic. It is a tough piece of writing that should introduce an audience to the topic of your research and explain why the study is important. It is quite a challenge because a student needs to find the balance between many crucial aspects in this chapter. There is a risk to provide either too much detail or write not enough for a reader to understand the idea behind the research. Also, one should sound objective but be able to engage the audience to read the whole piece. A student must also prove that their research is worthwhile, but it can be very complicated to do the so-called selling of one’s own skills and ideas. 

Then, the longer one works on the introduction, the more doubts appear. Is the main idea formulated appropriately? Did I understand the professor’s instructions properly? Will I manage to complete the chapter on time? These and other all too familiar thoughts and hesitations push students to seek professional dissertation introduction help. If you also consider an option to buy a dissertation introduction, is the right place from which to get it. We are a well-known company providing first-class writing services. Our specialists are highly skilled at producing quality introductions, hypothesis chapters, as well as other pieces of academic writing. In this article, you will find our tips and advice on your introduction chapter, the writing steps explained, and the possibility to use our dissertation introduction writing service.


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What a Dissertation Introduction Really Is

An introduction is the very first section of a dissertation. It is supposed to present your research topic, reasons why it is important to study it, and your research questions. There should also be the hypotheses that you are going to verify in the process of your scientific investigation or a thesis statement that you are going to justify. In addition, the chapter should briefly cover the methods that you have used to research the topic. In other words, the correct to how to write a dissertation introduction well is to answer all the WH- questions about your study. You need to show what you will study, how you will do it, and, among other things, why it is necessary. 

What Is the Purpose of Dissertation Introduction Writing?

The importance of an introductory section should not be underestimated since it forms the basis for the entire work. Its purpose is to introduce a reader to the topic. The difficulty in writing introduction to a dissertation is to do it in a way that the reader can quickly realize which problem you are addressing and why you do it, regardless of their knowledge of the topic. It is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. You need to be very good at prioritizing and synthesizing information and presenting it effectively. At the same time, there should a hook that would make your study special and interesting enough to read till the end. To sum up, an introduction to a dissertation is primarily a way to communicate with your audience and catch their attention. 

How Long Should a Dissertation Introduction Be?

There is no specific number of words that would constitute an ideal length of a dissertation introduction. It depends on a number of factors, for example, on whether you are pursuing a master’s degree or PhD. There also can be special requirements and guidelines of your university and advisor. Some institution requires it to be approximately 10% of the overall length of the piece, while others suggest aiming for 5-7%. However, we advise you to focus not on the number of pages in your introduction but rather on covering all the key elements that are obligatory in the chapter. As long as you provide a full picture of your study and discuss the essentials, the length may vary from your initial plan. It really depends on the nature of your work, your writing style, and the requirements of your university. 

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction: Essential Elements

Now that you know what the introduction chapter of a dissertation is for, let us have a look at what it should include. Again, your university and/or advisor might have a slightly different idea of what must be present in your introduction. The topic also impacts the contents of this chapter. As a rule, however, the section is required to have the following. 

The topic and its significanceStart with presenting the topic and why it is important in your field of study. State your key argument relating to the topic. Cite the implications of your study for the field and/or the affected population. These may be theoretical and/or practical.
The background to the studyPut your study into context and show which theoretical framework you will use in your research. Show the extent to which the topic has been studied, the key studies in the field, and their implication. Provide a preview of your literature review to show the gap in the available knowledge. This gap should be the one you try to fill in with your work.
The research problem and hypotheses / objectivesFormulate research questions that relate to the gap you have identified. Add the objectives that you aim to achieve or hypotheses that you want to test. The choice between the two options depends on the topic and research design.
The methods and limitationsMention the way you are going to answer the research question and reach your objectives. Acknowledge the limitations of your research since there are some for sure. Do not write much on these in the introduction though. It should be just a brief preview.
The structureProvide the information about how your dissertation is organized and what a reader should expect. It should be just a short roadmap for the audience.

To understand how these elements look and sound in real life, check out at least one dissertation introduction example by another scholar. We are sure you will have to read some dissertations for your literature review. So, take your time and analyze one introduction and see what is included, what is missing, and what is well or poorly worded. And if you have no time for such things, you can simply buy dissertation introduction chapter here and let us handle everything for you at the top-quality level. 

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction: Key Steps

The steps of writing a dissertation introduction mirror the structure of the chapter. You need to write about each of the key elements described above in the order from general to specific. We start with the background and finish with the structure of the given dissertation. It goes as follows:

  • Step 1. Present and engage a reader. Explain what exactly you are going to study and why you will do it. Use clear language to facilitate understanding. Focus on the value that researching this topic brings.
  • Step 2. Provide context. This writing is basically about picking the most important information from your literature review. Highlight key issues noted by other scholars and mention common themes and/or contradictions. PRO tip: Cite several studies within one sentence, e.g., (Johnson, 2022; Black, 2021; Smith & Brown, 2023), to emphasize the importance of some idea and add credibility to your research work.
  • Step 3. Identify the problem. Relying on the literature review:
  • Mention the gap that you want to fulfill in your subject area.
  • Pose a question the answer to which would help you to close the gap.
  • Explain what you predict to get as an answer.

There, you have your research question and objectives now! And another PRO tip: This part should be very clear and straightforward. So, you can just write, “The research question of the study is…” and “The objectives are…” and list them.

  • Step 4. Explain the how. As mentioned above, discuss your methodology a bit just to give a reader a possibility to understand how you approach the research problem. Do not try to hide the limitations of your research since no one will ever believe your study is perfect. The limitations might include the lack of resources, data availability issues, time constraints, etc.
  • Step 5. At the very end of your dissertation introduction chapter, provide an outline of the rest of the piece. There should be a very short description of each subsequent chapter. 

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Tips on How to Write an Introduction for Dissertation Successfully

We hope that by now you get the gist of what a master’s or a PhD dissertation introduction is, what it should contain, and how to deal with the writing process. Yet our writing experts still have a few tips up their sleeve and want to share them with you:

  • Keep language simple and clear. A complicated topic does not mean that the writing should be complex too.
  • Make sure your introduction and other chapters do not overlap too much. Think of the introduction as a trailer, while the rest of the dissertation is a movie.
  • Do not try to make the introduction long or short but rather work on it to cover all the key elements. Quality always wins over quantity.
  • Be sure to cite a few essential sources from your literature review. It is important to show where your work is with regard to the rest of the field.
  • The amount of background information should be sufficient to know where you are headed with your study but not too much not to overwhelm a reader.
  • The appearance of your introduction is crucial too. Take care of formatting, remove excessive spaces, check indentations, fix punctuation in citations, etc. Do not let small errors spoil the first impression about your dissertation. 

Why Students Choose to Buy a Dissertation Introduction

You might be surprised how many students choose to buy dissertation introduction online instead of doing everything on their own. Some do not possess writing skills that are good enough, and it is okay. People cannot be skilled at everything. Some students may be efficient in conducting research, while others are great at writing. Other students lack time or are behind the deadline. Some more are just too tired of their own dissertation when it is time to write the introduction, since it is one of the last things to complete. If you also consider buying a dissertation or just an introduction chapter, you are welcome to place an order with If you choose our professional team, you will see how much more interesting your academic time might be when there is less stress in it. 

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Our promises of top-notch quality are not just empty words. We are a reputable and legit company that takes responsibility for its work and always does it up to a standard. To reassure our customers that we take our job seriously we guarantee them:

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Reasons to Get Dissertation Introduction Help from Our Professionals

Of course, there are many dissertation writing services online, and you could choose any of them. However, if you want to receive a high-quality piece that is safe to submit for assessment and done according to your requirement, you should stay here at and place an order. With us, you benefit from the following.


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The process of buying scholarly projects from our company is quite simple. All in all, it will take you around 5 minutes to delegate your work to a professional writer. Here is how it works:

  1. In an order form, give us your contact details, so that we can reach you if needed. Ensure the information is valid.
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