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Many students consider writing response papers a real nightmare. Being assigned to create such a piece, they become completely confused as they do not have a clue about what to begin with. For this reason, online writing services become very popular among the learners of different academic levels. Before starting producing a response paper, one should know that such a project highlights the topic from the writer’s viewpoint. Therefore, when doing such an assignment, be sincere and do not be shy to express your personal opinion about the subject. Composing such type of an academic work is much easier if one has experience in writing reviews. To sum up, a response paper is your personal reflection on the items you are assigned to explore i.e. movies, books, articles, etc. that is usually written in an informal style. This is the first thing you should keep in mind to learn how to write a response paper.

Importance of Online Writing Services

Today, writing services play a very important role in the academic area. Let us explain why. Students of different grades are often assigned to produce various academic papers, response essays included. The process of preparing such a piece of writing is rather tedious and perplexing. Besides, response essays are not the only assignments learners have to do. They are overloaded with other complicated tasks demanding their attention. Under the circumstances, it is wise to hire a professional writer, who knows how to write a response paper, to do a perfect project for you.


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How to Write a Response Paper: Main Peculiarities

Before starting writing a response paper, it is essential to find its comprehensive definition to know exactly what such a work has to be built around. There are many cases when students mistakenly think that such a paper is the same as a book, article or movie review. As a result, they end up producing the piece that has nothing in common with a response essay.

In the first paragraph of the article, it has already been stated what such an essay is focused on. Now, we would like to highlight the points which it differs from reviews in. So, unlike a review or summary, a response essay has to provide a clear interpretation of the ideas expressed in the work which you are examining through the prism of your own beliefs and values. When working on such an assignment, it is essential to establish the connection between the matter in question and your personal experience.

Producing response essays is a real art that cannot be mastered quickly, which means you need to have plenty of time to complete such a task properly. Thus, what are the core tips and steps to consider to cope with the assignment? Keep reading to learn more.

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What to Keep in Mind when Writing a Response Paper

If you intend to begin producing such a work on your own, there are a few vital things you need to bear in mind. As you read an article, watch a movie, or deal with any other piece you need to give your response to:

  1. Analyze the impression the work you are examining has made on you
  2. Determine the subject and provide reasoning
  3. Identify strong and weak points
  4. Create an outline

In the course of writing:

  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence
  • Write in the first person singular: I think, In my opinion, I was touched by…
  • Use transitions to make the text consistent
  • Read your completed paper and check whether it supports your thesis statement and whether all aspects are discussed
  • Check your work for grammar

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Specifics of a Response Paper Format and Structure

Learning how to write a response paper means paying close attention to all stages included in the process. Why is it essential to emphasize that? Because many students think that writing is the only aspect that matters. However, structuring and formatting are important as well since they also influence the grade.

Owing to the right format and structure, your essay will look neat and you, in your turn, won’t worry that some professor’s demands have not been met. To help you organize your project well, we are going to focus on the key structuring aspects of response essay writing. In other words, we will discuss exactly what information in which sentence or paragraph has to be provided within each section to make your work look coherent and logically built.

Below, there is a description of the key structural components of a response essay and the material each of them has to provide.

Introductory section

Thus, how to start a response paper? First, you are required to provide basic information about the matter. The first sentence of your work should include the title of the examined publication, its author, date, etc. Furthermore, the last sentence of the first paragraph should present a thesis statement, i.e a catchy hook that will grab readers’ attention and interest them in your response paper writing.

Body section

In the majority of cases, this unit contains about three paragraphs. In this part of your essay, you have to provide detailed information about the work you are analyzing. The claims and statements you make here have to be supported with concrete facts and quotations. Here, you need to tell readers whether you agree with the author’s view on the matter or not. Essentially, your viewpoint on the issue matters a lot. Therefore, do not be afraid of presenting your position about the subject. If you are shy of expressing your feelings about the addressed issue, your work will be senseless. Note that this section can be also provided in the following format: first, you present the author’s viewpoint and then yours. You may also contrast your position with the author’s.


This is the final section of your paper which has to make the most powerful influence on readers. It should consist of about one or two paragraphs and present your concluding ideas and points. Tell readers what impact the explored work has made on you, explain what you have learnt and whether you have been motivated by the analyzed work. Remember that everything that you say in this section has to be connected with your thesis statement.

This is how your piece has to be arranged. Of course, you should not forget about the citation styles. It is important to consider the peculiarities of the style your text has to be formatted in, i.e. MLA, APA, etc. to organize citations correctly, etc.

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About Our Excellent Response Paper Writing Service

As you have already understood, a response essay is a piece of writing based on writer’s opinion on the evaluated text, i.e. literary work, newspaper article, etc. One should realize that a response essay is not a summary even though it is focused on a particular aspect of the analyzed issue. If you see that writing response papers is not your strong point, is ready to help you by offering you is superb services. Our company differs from other online providers, as we do not outsource our projects. All of them are done by qualified English-speaking writers. Pay attention that we can provide you with not only writing services but also a number of other options. Just pick the service you are in need of:

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Some online agencies supplying writing services work to the established schedule. However, offers its services 24/7. Whenever you need help in preparing your scholarly projects, you are welcome to address our strong team. You can order a reading response paper from our company at any time convenient for you even in the dead of the night. If you have any questions about the range of services we provide or your assignment in particular, feel free to reach our support team anytime. You can be confident that all your academic demands will be satisfied. Besides, being provided with a cast-iron money-back guarantee, there is nothing to worry about at all.


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