Francesco di Giorgio

War had been a usual thing in Naples and it would get no one by surprise when there were war messengers coming from other places to declare war against the city. This was the ancient way of living where people always wanted recognitions and fame by outdoing their war rivals. This brought respect to the town and the rulers. There were therefore many plans that were always underway or in progress to counter war in case there was invasion.

When Francesco Di Giorgio, a renowned architect, refused to leave Naples even after the authorities needed him to go. I think he had a vision of putting his skills in practice. He knew that he had the ability to do something extraordinary which he finally did. He developed the design of new defensive walls in the city of Naples. It would act as a protective measure to the city from external invasion which I believe was out of necessity. There were always attacks and the city had to develop defensive mechanisms to avoid fatal attacks. Attacks and war outbreaks can be evidenced by the destruction a castle that the then ruler, King Alfonso V, strongly stated his desire to have repaired. It had been destroyed along other property during the Naples invasion.

From the experience I obtained from their attack, I am not surprised at the other military developments that people from Nepal made in their military. They developed their skills and their cover in waterways and saw the revolution of military from the traditional approach to the modern approach. They developed many systems such as communication and waterway systems within the territory that ensured that there was enough protection, and that there would be no surprise attacks.  

These revolutions in technology and military approaches were important then and I think the current military approaches started to evolve from here.

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