Everyone studying Law or other related academic disciplines should know how to produce a powerful case brief. Though the specifications for custom written legal case briefs may differ depending on the course or professor, the basic demands on the outline and structure still remain the same.

Definition and Main Peculiarities of a Legal Case Brief

A legal brief is a juridical contention to a court. At first, there seem to be nothing difficult in dealing with legal briefs. Such pieces of writing are supposed to provide facts about a particular case to prove the side presenting the very case is right. Nonetheless, it is much more than just putting forward some arguments about the matter in question. In order to make the case brief credible and reasonable, it is also required to analyze previous relevant issues to back up the data presented in a brief. Such high demands make this kind of a project knotty.

Arranging a Case Brief

A legal brief can be broken into a few parts:

  • First, it is necessary to create a title page. It should indicate those involved in the case.
  • Second, a legal brief should provide a comprehensible explanation of the facts about the discussed case. In this section, one has to spell out the arguments that will be presented in a court. Personal data about the claimants should be analyzed as well.
  • The third unit should interpret the case law. No less than a paragraph should be devoted to each of the examined cases. Thus, it will be obvious that there are strong reasons to bring the case to the court.
  • The fourth unit should discuss legal queries. This section will make a summary of the evidence provided by the petitioner. The data about each party of the lawsuit should be provided in separate paragraphs that have to state the reasons for the legal argument. This part of the case brief is supposed to be the longest one.
  • The fifth unit should provide writer’s viewpoint which may be presented from the perspective of the predominant court. Additionally, the purpose of this section is to interpret the decision concerning the case by referring to the case law.
  • The final section is a bibliography page. It should highlight all the sources, i.e. any legal documents, references to the court cases, etc., used for preparing a case brief.

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