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The two painitngs are important features of their times. They mark the work of art since the 18th century and show a big contrsast between the youth and the aged. They not only portray different moods and color but also a background which gives them different meanings and overall appearance. Stein’s painting was developed by Pablo Picasso in 1905 when she was 32 years of age. The second one belonged to Mary Sylvester and was done by Joseph Blackburn in 1754 when she was 29 years. However, the two paintings create a larger difference in age. Due to the fact that Stein looks older, we may be tempted to believe that she was old when the painting was made, but, actually, this was not the case on the ground.

Stein’s painting has a dull colour and represents some sort of sadness. It has a resigned look which makes it less likely for one to smile after having a glance at the picture. The painting generally has colours that would not spark interest and eagerness to discover the conditions sorrounding the painting. However, there is  only one thing that can spark interest from the painting. The sadness and resignation that stands out on the face of the lady, which gives the painting a different look altogether.

Mary’s painting, on the other hand, is very bright; the green shiny dress shows lengths of smartness that the lady wants to have in terms of fashion and nice clothing. Stein had put on a conservative dress, and the colors used would not make it amazing, unlike Mary’s painting, that would lead to appreciation of beauty and creativity by the painter.  Therefore, the colour used on Steins’ painting was not so appreciable due to the fact that the it is dull and has been used on a person whose facial expression is dull as well.

Stein’s painting has a humble background. It is seen to represent the interior of a humble house. The background shows resignation from life. The lady seems not to be satisfied with the life she has lived and looks very thoughtful about the days that were ahead of her. Despite the two ladies being around the same age at the time of drawing their portraits, there are still many more differences that could be atributed to age difference in the two paintings.

Differences in Paintings. Custom Differences in Paintings Essay Writing Service || Differences in Paintings Essay samples, help

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