Museums in the World

The Victoria and Albert Museum is among the biggest Museums in the World with a collection of decorative arts and design of over four million exhibits, the Museum stores the World's largest assortment of exhibits such as the Post-classical sculpture, the property and the remains Renaissance items in the European continent. The Museum has one of the most Historical and Comprehensive exhibits of China on their gallery, tea being China’s favorite beverage has been portrayed in the Museum via the different tea bowls and how they have evolved over the centuries, these teapots display the theme of renaissance in China, this is due to the evident change in their design from one century to the other, for instance, in the 19th century, the tea bowls had been replaced by the teapots to show change (David, 2002).

The British gallery has exhibits that are based on the themes of Style', 'Who Led Taste' and 'What Was New, these were presented between 1500 and 1900, the Tudor and the Stuart represented the renaissance period, the Georgian Britain represented the neoclassicism. The Victoria Britain of 1837 to 1901 was representations of the later stages of the classical and renaissance revivals (David, 2002).

The metal works exhibits in the museum have been used to present the theme of religion; however, some of the metal works have also been used for secular purposes and covered both the Roman Catholic, Anglican and the Greek Orthodox One of these exhibits of metal works include the Becket Casket that was a religious piece of work in France.

Modern invention is another theme that is present with the exhibits that are present in the museum; there is a building of the Louvre in Paris, France that was founded in 1793, after the French Revolution whereby the royal treasures were affirmed for the civilians. This signified the start of the removal of art collections from the private field of aristocracy and the rich into the public area (David, 2002).



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