Renaissance before the 1500 CE

Renaissance is a period of time that was witnessed after the Middle Ages in Europe; the renaissance is usually characterized by the great changes in the interest in the classical learning and ethics of the ancient Romans and Greeks. There was the rise of new technologies such as printing and discovery of several innovations. However, this paper will focus on an evaluation and comparison of various historical websites on information regarding the research of the renaissance before the 1500 CE (Hutton 582).

This is a website ( that explores the renaissance period and discovers the driving forces of its rebirth precisely in Italy, and Europe. This includes the description of the intellectual and economic reforms that took place in the above nations before the 1500 AD. Other purposes of this website include the renaissance in middle ages, the exploration and trade, printing and thinking, and focus on the Florence.

The content on this website include a basic introduction and out of the Middle Ages segment whereby there is the beginning of the plague known as the black death that overwhelmed a tremendously high percentage of the people in Europe and Italy. This information has been presented in the website via the help of images that relate to this period of time. The site has also covered on the beginning of the trade during the renaissance period. On printing and thinking during the renaissance era, the site has used images and documents that were used during this time.

This is a user friendly website due the fact that it analyses the renaissance in both descriptive and analytical manner. However, the problem encountered with this website was the narrow coverage of a topic or subtopic and therefore leaving someone yearning for more information. This may be due to the fact that they rely on journals that do not have wide coverage research methods. The content on the website applies limited use of images and videos. The kind of information that is presence includes the historical documents and the basic research in various historical events. The design of the website is for an individual who is not interested in an in-depth analysis of historical subjects due to the limited information that is found on the website. The site uses sources that are questionable as they are hard to obtain for validity purposes. These sources include the other websites, books and document that are on libraries and are based on the renaissance in the 1500 CE.



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