The Evolution Theory

The contrast between the evolution theory and the intelligent method is that design theory is not a clear theory because it does not make clear statements but is a critic of the evolution theory. Intelligent design questions whether the evolution theory based on natural selection is adequate enough to explain the aspects that are present in biology. A set of questions do not qualify to be termed as a theory, the evolution theory on the other hand aims at researching, evaluating and explaining the evolution of living and non-living things. Second, the intelligent design does not follow the steps of scientific discourse and thus it fails it fails to prove its arguments that are on the basis of facts. On the other hand, the evolution theory applies biological concept to explain its ideas of natural selection and genetic mutation ad inheritance. The theory of evolution is also different for the intelligent design because of its lack to be falsified. Despite the new discoveries that have been made in the past centuries, the evolutionist still works with these discoveries up to date. In addition, these evolutionists continue to assign more and more roles to the natural selection phenomenon (Steve 120).

According to some people, the intelligent theory is just a critic of the evolution theory with no specific grounds; some researchers have embraced the evolution theory due to its biological and physical based facts. On the other hand, emerging researchers have started to doubt the theory of evolution and the aspect of natural selection. (Louise 190).

The evolution theory and the intelligent design has a lot of controversy and that it should be taught at learning institutions and in public as it causes a lot of confusion among the people who do not understand the scientific community. Researchers have argued that the evolutionary theory has much strength in explaining the origin of organism die to its nature of the explanatory power through examples such as fossils. On the other hand, the intelligent design is a concept that precise aspect living systems can be best explained by designing intelligence instead of the normal process that is not directed (Louise 200).



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