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Writing an effective interview essay is often a very tough task, particularly for those who have not previously carried out an interview themselves. It is not easy to learn the art of interviewing someone and it is not very likely you will get it completely right on your first attempt. It is important to know that you can get help online if you do not have a clue about how to write an interview essay. There are many companies on hand to help you, and one of them is

What Are Interview Essays?

These are the pieces of writing that present a thorough examination of different aspects of the topic by using the data obtained after conducting interviews with several people. The most valuable thing about such a paper is that you have a chance to communicate with experts and get reliable data about the matter you have to investigate.

In most cases, such assignments as an interview essay are given by tutors to try to establish how their students think and what their style of writing is like. These assignments can show how students build their line of thought by analyzing the questions they ask. The questions that are simple in nature and just touch a topic’s surface are not very likely to result in a riveting essay, but the questions that probe and open up a topic to elicit a passionate and emotional response have the potential to do so. When you have to write an interview, it can be helpful to put yourself in the shoes of, say, a magazine or newspaper journalist.


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How to Write an Interview Essay: Main Stages of the Process

If to compare interview essays with academic papers, it can be said that the latter have to be based on some research, scholarly projects, statistical data, etc. However, when it goes about an interview essay, you need to build the investigation and interpretation of your topic around the opinion of the professional you have interviewed.

To produce a detailed and profound paper of this kind, one has to be aware of the key standards and criteria intrinsic to interview writing. Moreover, it is essential to know what to start your work with and what the entire writing algorithm is. Below, there is a list of steps which you should follow to produce a detailed and profound interview paper:

  • Identify the main purpose of your paper and determine the topic
  • Compile a list of questions you would like to pose
  • Decide on the expert(s) whom you would like to hold a conversation with
  • Start the interviewing process and write down all responses
  • Analyze the obtained material
  • Transform the received information into a consistent text establishing the right structure and format

If you are completely familiar with structural and formatting peculiarities of interview papers, then you may start the writing process. Still, if you are unsure of what structure has to be established and what formats interview essays can be performed in, pay close attention to the information provided below.

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Creating a Logical Interview Essay Structure

To learn how to write an interview essay that can bring you the desired grade, you should also know what structural components such a paper consists of and what information each section has to highlight. So, your paper has to include three main parts such as an introduction, body, and conclusion. Before starting creating your paper, it is recommended to produce an outline which will help you construct a coherent and logical work concentrated on the chief point.

So, here is how the basic interview paper outline looks like:

  • Introductory unit
  • Thesis statement
  • Body section
  • Concluding part

Now, let’s see what information each structural element has to provide.


Writing an Introductory Section or How to Start an Interview

In this section you have to present the subject which your paper is focused on. Additionally, you need to tell readers the name of the interviewee and the reason for carrying out an interview. To interest readers in your topic, you may provide some statistics, describe the case that has inspired you to explore a specific matter, or quote your interviewee. In this part of your paper, you also have to present a thesis statement. It can be written in one or a couple of sentences illustrating the principal idea and giving some data about the interviewee.


What Information a Body Should Include

This part of an interview essay usually consists of three paragraphs. Each of them has to be focused on one aspect of the topic explained by your interviewee. Here, you have to impart incontrovertible facts about the matter you are discussing, some unusual or catchy details, or any data that van help you show that the respondent is a true professional in a specific field. This is the section where you have to present the very interview. It is essential to keep in mind that the body section has to be closely related to the points mentioned in your thesis statement.


Making an Effective Conclusion

This section should contain your own concluding statements based on the conducted interview. You need to talk about the validity of the respondent’s viewpoint on the subject, and if you have a different opinion, mention it as well. It would be good to end your piece of writing with a powerful statement to make a strong impression on readers. No new data is to be provided here.


This is how your interview essay has to be structured. Now, it’s time to discuss the format which your piece of writing may be presented in.

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Which Format to Choose for Your Paper

Selecting an appropriate mode or form of presenting information is particularly important. Among different types of formats, at least three the most significant can be outlined: narrative, questions and answers, and conversational.

To help you decide on the format to create an interview essay in, we offer you to learn the peculiarities of each of them:

  • Narrative mode. If you apply this style, your paper will be presented in the form of a narration. In this case, you can create your paper in your own words, i.e. retelling the interviewee’s words with references, of course, or provide the respondent’s direct speech. This is the most typical format applied to interview papers assigned at college.
  • Questions and answers format. In this case, the essay consists of questions which you ask your interviewee followed by the answers. This mode can be used when you are holding a conversation with one person or a few ones that are closely related to each other.
  • Conversational style. When picking this format to write an interview, you need to construct your text in the form of a dialogue. In this case, the tome of writing is informal, and you may address readers directly using the first or second person.

You should select the format which you find the most suitable for your work. Of course, it is essential to pay attention to the instructions given by your professor and the purpose of your writing project when deciding on the format to be able to highlight the topic in the best light.

Whom to Conduct an Interview With

Here is the list of people whom you can have a conversation with and get some ideas about possible interview essay topics to get you started. So, consider holding a conversation with one of the following:

  • A member of your family.
  • Someone you feel your life has been significantly impacted by.
  • A business leader or entrepreneur.
  • A prospective employer.
  • Someone who has faced a considerable challenge.
  • A person who has overcome their fears.
  • A psychology expert.
  • Someone who has achieved success in their profession.
  • A volunteer worker.
  • A risk-taker.
  • Someone who works in politics.
  • Someone who knows about team working.
  • Someone who has saved someone’s life.
  • Someone who has a unique story to tell about their lives.
  • A college professor or school teacher.

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Great Tips on How to Write Interview Essays Effectively

Considering the hints provided below, it will be easier for you to produce an interview essay properly and, therefore, get the desired grade. So:

  1. Create an introductory part in the last turn. Once your paper is written, it is highly possible that you will want to review some of your ideas. Reconsideration will help you make your introduction more effective and attention-grabbing.
  2. Have some rest once the final version of your work is ready. In this way, you will be able to see your assignment with new eyes what is very important when doing editing.
  3. Concentrate on one kind of mistake at a time. In the course of editing, you may eliminate grammar errors first, and then move to correct other flaws.
  4. Apply active voice. Do not hesitate to use the grammar constructions in active voice if this helps make your sentences shorter.
  5. Look through some examples of interview papers to decide what questions to compose. Maybe you will find some interesting ideas when examining samples.

It is not difficult to understand why people become scared and snowed under at the thought of carrying out an interview and then putting their findings into an essay – there can be discomfort associated with interviewing a person you do not really know – and even getting the interview may at first seem impossible. Instead, why not consider getting one of the expert essay writers at to handle your interview assignments? Can Write an Interview Paper for You

The team at is comprised of a large number of professional writers who specialize in interview writing – this means our company always has an expert available to write your essays. Each of our writers is highly-educated and extensively-experienced. They will cover every aspect – from the research element to identifying interviewees – which gives you additional free time for essential exam revision or completing other pressing assignments. So, let our writers take care of your interview papers since it makes sense, doesn’t it?

How to Order an Interview


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Procedure for Ordering Custom-Written Interview Papers

In the event you need assistance with interview papers, it is first necessary to place an order. Here are the stages you need to go through:

  1. Firstly, to get one of our academic interview essay writers to help you, complete the online order form with full details about your requirements. Be precise about your topic, your academic level, how many words your essay should have, the line spacing, deadline and any other instructions. You should also provide any materials or comments given to you by your professor.
  2. Pay for your order: Once you give instructions, you will need to submit payment. When it is verified, a writer will be assigned and he or she will immediately commence work. Remember, you may communicate with your assigned writer for the duration of the process. With us, you take center stage while writing is underway. This enables you to monitor progress and check the quality as work proceeds.
  3. We review all work and check for plagiarism. When we have written your interview paper, we scan it to ensure it is free of plagiarism.
  4. Order delivery. Upon expiry of your deadline, your paper will be available in your account.

So, as it can be seen, the essential thing is to provide comprehensive instructions and our expert writers will handle everything else.

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Simplicity Gets the Best Results

This next part explains how we prepare your essay:

  • Topic research

The work on your paper starts with research (in case some additional source except for the respondent is required) where a working thesis is developed. Every source is correctly cited; we highlight interesting correlations and fully guarantee every thought will be original.

  • Analysis of the material

Once the interview is conducted and all the required extra material is gathered, we analyze it with the purpose of identifying the data of primary importance and the supporting one. Then, we arrange information accordingly.

  • Paper is written

We begin the actual interview paper writing stage when we have a sound thesis and a good structural outline. As well as showing they are experts with words, our writers also show they are adept at generating ideas. The papers we provide are always crisp, clear, and fully ready.

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