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Openness to experience: Mark strived for experience right from a tender age. He was open to take risks. He developed programs in campus despite the harsh administration. Though the site was closed, this did not deter him from developing facebook in the same environment. At the lower stages of facebook development Mark took a risk of dropping out of school in such of experience as well as green pastures. Surely his zeal took him to greater heights

Team leader: Mark Zuckerberg was a leader who highly valued colleagues’ relations, contribution as well as empowerment in an attempt to achieve his goals. He accommodated ideas from other people and viewed conflicts as a chance to elucidate goals as well as a way of nurturing creative thinking. He also provided an opportunity for outsiders to learn from him. He was a person who right from the beginning was portrayed as a team leader; as a child he did not decline the offer by his parents when they hired a private computer tutor (David Newman) to visit the house weekly and labor with Mark; this was the foundation of a team leader. Consequently he ganged up with his friends to create computer games for fun. The spirit of a team leader is also evident in the film by the name ‘The social network’ which shows how the team efforts between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin agreed to launch facebook in a deal that they would split up ownership equitably. Since Marks primary vision was to develop the company into one of its kind globally, he went ahead to hire Sean Parker (the co-founder of the music sharing site ‘Napster’). He acknowledged his vision for facebook and went ahead to include Sean in the management as well as gave him a small stake of the company. Though there were challenges and disagreements in between, Mark never gave up; his passion was based on team work and management and this way he has been able to take facebook to greater heights. (Brown, 2009)

Politics and negotiations: Facebook has become very vital in today’s politics. Potential politicians have used facebook to air their interests and people have been able to access all this information. However, this has placed Zuckerberg on the spot light severally; this is because some lucrative people use facebook for selfish ideas such as placing revolts, even coups or even inciting the public. Being the boss of facebook he has the power to withdraw destructive political attempts from the site. For instance he was sued for more than $1 billion against a page on facebook that called violence over the Jews. However, through negotiations with the aid of the law these disputes are settled. He also made a great impact on the group that accused him of using their idea to develop facebook through negotiations in the law courts by compensating them with $65 million. Therefore, it is true to say that he influences the general public through postage and removal of such pages. To those who sue him he does it through the law and negotiations.

Networking: Facebook is a brilliant icon for communication to outsized crowds of nations, whether it's for business, event or somebody wandering as well as keeping in contact with everybody. It is an exceptional means to communicate with groups you have not come across. It creates an opportunity to store photos as well as share them with people closer to you as well as busy people. This site also allows people to get news from all over the world as well as updates from friends. People with similar interests would make friends here too. Advertisements have also been made easier.

Power: Mark is in power over millions of people in facebook. His overwhelming power and knowledge in computer programming and internet entrepreneurship has enabled him to manipulate the social sites users in many ways. He has been able to entice the users to provide their privacy in his social site; he can do all he wants with the information but due to the respect of the users he keeps them private. It is through the power of IT that he has been able to place advertisements and this has influenced the users to know much about the market and also he has greatly attracted many businessmen in the site to advertise their businesses.

No capitalist ever turned out to be victorious exclusive of commissioning a bit of risk. Mark Zuckerberg took a lot of risks in bid to develop facebook; he dropped out of school to focus on taking facebook to greater heights. He took a risk by confronting goggle. Facebook itself was a chancy gamble that bore fruits enormously. Private enterprise is all concerning risk bearing. Initializing the capitalist progression is solitary thing; remaining in the progression is an additional. Facebook was not an instant success but its accomplishment was realized on parts. Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire because he persisted in the business despite the challenges that came his way. He worked hard and wore the spirit of continuity that no matter what, he had to keep moving. In conclusion Mark Zuckerberg’s accomplishment is attributed to his intended dream that he carefully labored out to attain. He worked towards the mission of attaining and owning facebook and that is why he has prospered. It is no luck but hard work and determination that paid off.

Team Leader. Custom Team Leader Essay Writing Service || Team Leader Essay samples, help

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