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People always make decisions that change their lives either positively or negatively. But what happens when such decisions are made? Do everybody support the decision made? Since my childhood, there have been many changes in my life as a result of either decisions made by my parents or me. If I look back on the changes that have taken place in my life since I was a child, there are some that can be adjusted, some abandoned, while others improved.

When I was almost graduating from high school, my family members were concerned about my future career path. They would ask me the field I would like to pursue after my education, but I could not answer them because I had not decided yet. The time came when I could not brush my family off any longer. They expected me to further continue with my education and were expecting me to tell them that I would pursue courses such as engineering education and law but I was not for that. I quietly went, enlisted, and succeeded in the military. I told my family members what I had done two days before leaving to the training camp. They were taken aback. I remember my mother standing akimbo and her mouth wide agape on receiving the news. There were mixed reactions; family members opposing the decision, while John, a close friend, supporting. John convinced my family that the decision was good and since they could not do anything to change the decision, they accepted. It has made me a person with a purpose and mission. I joined the army because after high school, I tried to look for a job in vain. It did not matter what someone knew, but whom he knew by then. Since I knew nobody, I decided to join the army.

While in the army, I chose to join the medical profession. I worked for a while in the army and left. I decided that I did not want to study medicine, until one of our relatives died of cancer. Then I decided to pursue the medical profession. I studied medicine and I have been saving cancer patients. I have also started an awareness campaign that helped people get tested early, and treated of cancer.

Moreover, after training in a local driving school and owning a car, I thought that I had achieved everything in my life. I could take my friends out, drink alcohol, and drive while drunk. I never knew the danger I was exposing myself to, until I was engaged in an accident and one of my friends lost his legs. After that I decided to quit drinking. The decision I made greatly changed my life as I decided to save the money I spent on drinking. I later opened a small business with the savings and now it is doing well.

The decisions that we make can greatly change our lives. If we make bad decisions, it is not late to change them and become better people. I have learnt that a rose flower is beautiful, but if we touch the plant anywhere apart from the flower, we would get pricked by its thorns! Moreover, if we swat a wasp and do not kill it, it will prick us. It is therefore important to pursue good decisions that we make to enjoy their fruits.

Being a grown up, I have learnt the benefits of true friends. Real friendship does not work only at times of happiness, but also at difficult times. It is advisable to have a close friend who can help at times of need. True friends, like John, help at times of crisis. They should be able to share your happiness and your sorrow, and be helpful in any situation.

Changing the Life. Custom Changing the Life Essay Writing Service || Changing the Life Essay samples, help

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