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The contemporary world is full of miseries and it is not possible to know what life has for any one. Thus, it is important to make decisions which will help to shape the future. A happy life is defined by the daily actions and decisions made that hold the future outcomes. To have a happy life at old age, it is important to plan for self-confidence regarding the factor which drives happiness in the elderly. There are many aspects related to the old age, which are imperative to the society relationships and attributes that are related to life itself. The subjectivity of happiness and commitment vary in different people, and they are desired by everyone (Quirk).

There are many elderly people in the world, and it is important to pay attention to them, as this will help in understanding the nature of a happy old age. This paper focuses on the interview of two elderly women, American and Chinese, who are aged 65 and 60 years respectively. The American woman works as an apartment manager, while the Chinese is a housewife taking care of her grandson. They describe their elderly life as happy, though they are of different culture, as American culture depicts an independent life while the Chinese one pays attention to family values and culture. The interviewees were important as they are form different culture, their age bracket of the elderly, their professions, and education level are different from one another. The experiences of the two women varied significantly, and this enhanced to capture their philosophy to perceive a happy elderly life.

The interview entailed many aspects of elderly life and how they perceive their lives as happy. The elderly happy life is shaped by the decisions made, choices taken, and how they socialize with the family members and the larger community. Given a chance, the interviewees said they do not want that to spend their old age life in the elderly facilities as a happy elderly life. They have dedicated their selves to perform some tasks during their free time, which involve the improvement of their houses and shopping. The American woman has a different perspective in relation to her family as she views it impossible to live with her children opting to live alone. Although she lives alone, she feels happy by her children’s visits and, more often, frequent phoning. This is contrary to what the Chinese woman thinks about a happy life as she is happier to live with her children together and to be phoned regularly. She feels that happiness is derived from living together with her family and socializing with the society.

The two women believe that having children is important as they will need them during their elderly life. Their life concerning work is also different as the American woman says that her elderly life is happier when she works, while the Chinese has retired and she is much concerned with the well-being of her children which she takes care of and house chores.  In relation to helping their children financially, the American woman does not participate as her finances are spent on hobbies to add value to her life, while the Chinese woman spends her finances for the upkeep of her children. The two women define their understanding of a happy elderly life but in different perspectives. Old age is inevitable, and thus, it requires clear definition and understanding to enhance a happy life afterwards. From the conversation with the two elderly women, I have experienced that in order to live a happy elderly age, the need to prepare at the youthful age. Old age is inevitable and thus it is important to participate with the society, as it brings forth the sense of belonging and contribution to the society morally. There is thus, the need to have a purpose at old age as this incorporates one to the society eliminating the lonely life.


The interest of the elderly tends to narrow with the advancement of age that is dominant to these people after retirement. In order to live a life full of happiness, it is important to have a sense of purpose in life. Age must not be the determining factor to separate the elderly from the affairs of the community and the family. Adjustments in the elderly age are paramount as they enhance the restructuring of elderly attitudes and behaviors. This has the capability of exposing them to situations new to them, and thus responds to these situations positively. The positive responses to the environment help to integrate the expressions of their wishes and aspirations which form the basis for their satisfaction of their expectations and demands to the society at large (Beattie,27).

The roles which give status are a problem in old age not only to the elderly but the whole society at large. It is, therefore, important for the social adjustments, as these are the factors that contribute to the achievement of a happy old age life. This relieves and prevents the feelings of being lonely and frustrations in life that can make an elderly person to fall as inferior (Quirk). The happy life of the elderly cannot be possible while they live in isolation without interaction with the society, and, therefore, it is important to participate in contributing mutually to the society. The happiness of the elderly is an obligation that is desirable morally, economically, and socially (Beattie,26). The happiness of the elderly is derived from the fact that they have the feeling of being needed in the society as useful, because this makes them have the sense of belonging.

The essence of a happy old age in response to the adjustment of the social order is imperative when expressed in terms of affection and the ultimate recognition of role and factions in the society. The large extent of old age is governed by the past, as the attitudes and interests depend on the youthful adjustments (Beattie, 27). The happiness of the old age, therefore, has to be prepared and provided for while being maintained. These interests must be pursued to environments by which they are exposed to in theirold age.

Happy Life for the Elderly. Custom Happy Life for the Elderly Essay Writing Service || Happy Life for the Elderly Essay samples, help

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