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I do possess some qualities that make me an interesting person to be around with and you will certainly enjoy my company. I have a good sense of humor which is rekindled by the sight of a butterfly which reminds me of the beautiful childhood memories.  I like playing and I remember vividly how I would get excited as we ran after butterflies. I would pretend to have caught a butterfly, then release it from my hands and laugh at my friend who would think that I had released a butterfly I had caught. I am a loving and caring person. This is because at times I would succeed in catching a butterfly and then open my hands and release it into the air and I enjoyed seeing them fly and enjoy their freedom once again. I did this because I believed they should be free. I am a go-getter, who knows that the sky is the limit.

In a short period of time I am going to be a first year student at the university, and then a sophomore. Nevertheless, I still like recreational facilities and playing. I adore playing golf, jumping on the trampoline, splashing water and playing in the snow especially with kids. I am also computer literate, and enjoy playing computer games.

I aspire to achieve great things. Even if I fail, I use such experience to scale the greatest heights of success. I actually hate failure because it darkens my mood. I find comfort in success, and when I figure out my areas of weakness, I work on them.

My mother noted another quality about me. She says that I am highly energetic and she compares me to a monster. This is because I can play with my iTouch, iPod and the iThingies the whole day without a rest. I have a watch that I wear regardless of what I am doing, be it swimming or brushing teeth. But at times I hate the watch since it prevents me from sleeping late.

I am inspired by work done by other people. Charlie Brown inspires me as he keeps his determination and hope despite his bad luck and insecurity. In this regard, I think that the handicapped people in the society should do something to help themselves just like Charlie Brown does. All people are equal in the eyes of God.

I believe in change and am determined to change the world since I am an idealistic liberal. This can be achieved through letters to educational institutions asking to empower people through learning. It is said that heaven is where interesting people are missing, but since I am on earth I am not sure about it.

An Idealistic Liberal. Custom An Idealistic Liberal Essay Writing Service || An Idealistic Liberal Essay samples, help

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