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Dear Governor ...,

I am writing to you to oppose the legislation that allows the death penalty. As you know, there is currently no legislation allowing the death penalty in Massachusetts. Sir, my intention is to seek for your attention in this matter since the federal government punishes capital offenders within Massachusetts. Sir, on November 7, 2007, the bill to reinstate the death penalty was overwhelmingly rejected by House Lawmakers. In this nation, the first recorded judicial executions occurred in 1630, when John Billington was hanged at Plymouth for murder, whereas the last executions occurred on May 9, 1947 when two men convicted of murder were electrocuted at Charlestown State Prison. Until 1951, murder in the first degree required a mandatory punishment of death. The death penalty was later changed to provide the jury with the discretion to recommend against the death penalty after taking into account mitigating circumstances, whereby the sentence would be subjected to life imprisonment unless the murder was committed alongside rape or attempted rape that provides the death penalty to be mandatory. Currently, this state is confronted with an increase in number of wrongful convictions. This is also evident across the US.

Sir, considering the failed attempts by the previous governors to reinstate the death penalty, Governor Romney made an establishment of a blue-ribbon commission that addressed the concerns of legislatures concerning innocence of the victims. The recommendation made in the report was concerned with an establishment of a humane system of justice. Thus, on November 7, 2007, lawmakers rejected a bill to reinstate the death penalty by the majority of votes. I am writing in support of the decision made by these legislators. There are many reasons why death penalty should be abolished in this state. Sir, I want to bring to your attention that the death penalty is an act of murder. In fact, death penalty is a barbaric act of murder that is conducted in a supposedly clinical method at an appropriate time decided upon by the state governors. It is a common teaching that two wrongs do not lead to a right decision. Therefore, this notion should also apply to the highest institution of social order in this nation. Murder contains a harsh sentence like in our disdain for the offence. Therefore, death penalty should be treated as a murder conducted by the state in a cruel and calculated manner. I strongly oppose the death penalty since it is a violation of the Universal Human Rights norms. I want to bring to your attention the fact that states that do not have a death penalty experience reduced rates of violent crime. This is in contrast to the states that have implemented legislation on death penalty such as Texas. In addition, it is also evident that most states that recommend the death penalty to prevent crime rate have never succeeded. Furthermore, the execution is less effective in providing protection to the society as the proponents in support of the legislation purport. Better methods include life imprisonment being effective at preventing an offender from committing an offence again. There are various mistakes when upholding justice. For instance, the execution of innocent people has been on the increase since the error rate has increased. Sir, it is crucial if you mandate no executions of the death penalty in this state. The error rate as well as factors of race, nationality, and social and economic aspects influence the execution of the death penalty. Sir, I would advice that this country should not sanction acts of immoral and inhumane behavior through the death penalty. It is necessary to uphold the moral code of human rights on all crimes to support human rights and stop crimes against humanity. The maintenance and adherence to ethical codes and human rights should be the role of the state in support of a commitment to put a halt to all crimes affecting humanity. It is quite immoral to torture a fellow human. With a combination of the factors I have addressed in this letter, it best explains why you should oppose the death penalty without exception. If the death penalty is administered by a corrupt government that contains racism, social class system discrimination as well as religious minorities, the act should be abolished. Many cases have indicated the immoral acts and injustice of the death penalty. According to Rogers (2008), the governments have no right to take a person’s life, but should ensure an adequate protection to the lives of citizens, liberty as well as property but not the destruction of these rights.


Letter to the Governor. Custom Letter to the Governor Essay Writing Service || Letter to the Governor Essay samples, help

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