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The take off submission involves the specification of the technical requirement of the work. The specification enables the building owner to understand the full description of the project, the mandatory required material and the quality of workmanship necessary during construction. The submission therefore entails specification prepared individually for a project. 

The take off submission should also provide details on the type contract. This is important as it provides specified measurements and payment. The builder and the project owner must agree on the quality of the materials to be used and how the materials are to be tested to ensure they meet the required standards. Care should be taken to avoid anomalies. 

The builder and the owner must also agree on the workmanship and machinery to be used in the construction. The take-off submission must detail the machinery required in terms of capacity, performance, and manpower required to operate each. Where new machinery is required, detailed on the cost and the expected maintenance cost should be detailed. The other statutory requirements like the registration and insurance for the machinery should be taken into account. The expected life of the machinery should be provided, as well as the resale-value at the end of the job where it is possible. The architecture should take into considerations the plants already owned. The architecture should consider the options of hiring the machinery where this option is deemed as more economical. The running cost for the machinery should also be indicated. 

Design of other structural and engineering requirements forming part of the contract is important at the take-off submission. Prominence should be accorded to safety of the workers. The problems pertinent to each phrase should be clearly outlined. 

To ensure uniformity of workmanship and supplies, reference to the standards outlined by government and other standards bodies, should be emphasized at the take-off submission. The standards adopted should be relevant to the project being undertaken and meet criteria of the best practice. The builder should ensure that authorized plans from the council or local authorities are used. 

The builder should incorporate the cost for the materials and the labor. It should also incorporate the time required to undertake the work. The bill of Quantities (BQ) is an important stage and component in the construction. The architecture should indicate the rate or cost for labor, detailing various emoluments for operatives. The labor should be in line with statutory costs. The margin for various skills required in construction should also be outlined. The architecture should ensure that the quoted labor cost is in line with the stipulated industry allowances. The architecture should outline the protective clothing required and the insurance cover that is necessary for the workers.                                                          

At the takeoff, the Bill of Quantities should be examined in detail and necessary correction undertaken so as to eliminate any discrepancies. The submission should include the relevant drawings, and construction detailers. The specification and drawing should rhyme and any discrepancies rectified in reference to specifications. 

The builder should outline the relationship between different materials and structural integrity. The strength of the materials used should be as specified. The Architecture should outline all requirements pertaining to the construction material. The availability of the required materials and they complaisance with the requirement is important. The materials should also be evaluated on the basis of availability. The take off submission should have address with the architectures declaration duly signed and dated. 

Take off submissions should factor in the general overheads as part of the quotation or estimates prepared. The general overhead includes office and other related administrative costs. The general overheads should be pegged to a given timeframe. It is important to quantify the cost including the administrative staffing, the professional services charges, the general equipment and general maintenance of transport vehicles that are to be used in the general administration work for a given contract. It is important to give a proportion showing the percentage of the total estimate used in project cost and the general overhead addition. This will enable the contractor to provide a true estimate for the contact.

Take off Submission. Custom Take off Submission Essay Writing Service || Take off Submission Essay samples, help

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