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Computer technical support and Network cable personnel or PC technicians are career paths that I envision following in the future. This is because computers fascinate me immensely and nothing would be better than working in any computer related field. Emergency medical technician/ paramedic also appeals to me. This is because my desire is to work in a field where I get to assist individuals who are in serious need. In addition, I would like to work in an action packed career. On the other hand, careers in the business sector do not appeal to me. Therefore, I would not want to seek a career in the entrepreneurial field and marketing and sales fields.

My ESTP personality type shows that I have excellent people skills. This makes it easy for individuals to work in a team situation. Moreover, I am a resourceful, adaptable and flexible. This aspect makes it easy to work with other people in a team since I easily fit in with their distinct personality types. ESTP personality types are also fun to be around and energetic. This is necessary when people are in a team. The ability to see looming problems and come up with solutions when need be is also a common feature of this personality type. This personality trait is necessary in a team where problems are bound to arise. People with the ESTP personality type like initiating things even though they do not follow them to the end completely. This is not a terrible thing because where a team is involved every member has the obligation to pitch in after initiation of the plan.

My ESTP personality affects both positively and negatively on my personal relationships with other people. On the positive side, I am a fun person and easily adaptable to interact with people. I am also good-natured with excellent people skills that are essential traits for strong personal relationships. On the other hand, ESTP personality types may be vulgar and pretentious which may influence negatively on their personal relationships.

Knowing my Myers-Briggs type is essential to help me build on my personal and professional relationships. This is because I will be able to improve my positive skills and use them wisely to become a good professional and friend. In addition, knowing my negative traits helps me to keep them at bay and work more on my positive skills.

People have different Myers-Briggs types and everyone has to embrace and be flexible enough to accommodate other personalities. This leads to better communication amongst people.

PC Technicians. Custom PC Technicians Essay Writing Service || PC Technicians Essay samples, help

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