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"Their Eyes Were Watching God". Custom "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Essay Writing Service || "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Essay samples, help

Their Eyes Were Watching God explains that women are helpless in search of love, happiness, as well as, championship, lack of which leads to self-discovery. The author describes Janie’s different relationships that shape her character development in the novel. In the first relationship with Logan Killicks, love is not in existence, even though Killicks is a potent provider. On the other hand, Logan was only interested to have a domestic helper. In this relationship, Janie was subjected to hard labor in the farm. Janie never liked the man because he was old not handsome, which was in a big contrast to Janie’s youthful beauty. According to Janie, the old man had asymmetrical face; hence, she lacked the passion to treat him like a husband. The author states that Janie perceived the man as a desecration of her vision of true love. In addition, Killicks represented the opposite of Janie’s idea of love. She got into the relationship with a lot of skepticism that was veiled by little hope. The author describes Killicks as emotionally destitute, by showing little affection. Furthermore, Killicks showed anger and frustration when Janie resisted the attempt to command her. Thus, Logan belongs to the category of men who feels that marriage means having domination of a partner.

When Janie met Stark, she fall in love with him, loved his grand ideas, and she thought that the man could help her live a comfortable life. Joe wanted Janie to have a perfect image that may reinforce his powerful position in society. The author describes the relationship as one of control where Joe treated Janie inhumanly.  The two relationships indicate that there is no true love, since men are possessive and women are dreamers. For instance the character of Janie, describes her as a dreamer who yearns to bring her imagination into the reality of life.

"Their Eyes Were Watching God". Custom "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Essay Writing Service || "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Essay samples, help

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