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My name is Matilda Assadorian, a twenty six year old Christian-Armenian from Iran, currently living in the United States as a refugee for the past three years. My love for acting began at the age of seven, even though, films were prohibited in Iran those times, In spite of this prohibition, my passion for acting has always been alive, because as a child, I got to find out that acting is my talent. In actual sense, acting is my wish, my dream, and I desire to pursue it for life.

The Thrill

I enjoy acting mainly because of the dash and the adventure. As it begins, it starts with a large number of people who barely know one another. In most cases, we build up amity, and within no time, we are well acquainted with one another. One amazing thing about acting is that we work together as a team for several hours daily, blocking, practicing and reading off line after line. Even though it seems so intricate, the good thing about it is that it is enjoyable. Before the day of the show, it actually seems like a life time away. However, as it draws near; it closes in like a speeding train.

The thrilling part in acting is the moment, when one has to step onto the stage. The stage is usually a very comfortable place for me. It is always a big thrill performing in front of an audience, while pretending to be someone else. I really enjoy feeling the heat of the lights on my face. My mind is usually transformed under the luminous lights, making me feel like I have become a new creature.

Consequently, I usually feel like my old self is there watching my every move, detached and living someone else’s life. Finally, as the show comes to an end, the entire audience roars with rounds of applause. In essence, it is so amazing to know that all the applause is for me. Acting is one thing that occupies me, making me always to look forward to play the rehearsals. It actually offers me something to do over the weekends. The fact that acting grants me the opportunity to touch the hearts of people through stories and realize that I am a part of thrilling. It amazes me to inspire countless number of people to transform, dream, and to live.

In most cases, seeing the final manifestation of something that I worked so hard makes me feel satiated with enthusiasm. As the curtains close, all of us scream with excitement and run all over the place embracing with enthusiasm and congratulating each other. In all these, the greatest part is, when we go to greet the audience, in costume and in character, with everyone beaming and congratulating us.

When it is all over, we go back to the stage to put away the costumes. This involves quietly breaking down the set, with much joy and enthusiasm. Acting is actually one of the most dreadful, beautiful, and loveliest times in my life.

The Challenges

Although this is an industry that many people automatically write off as not viable to succeed in, I am however optimistic. Back in Iran, most of the people whom I told about my intentions were skeptical about it, but this does not discourage me at all. It is definitely true that creative professions are difficult to get into. This is unlike our more business-minded counterparts who know exactly what they have to do to succeed. The film industry, on the other hand, has no clear cut assurance and no check list to victory. In most cases, professionals in acting have to fight it out, when it comes to discovering a path victory.

Before coming to the United States, I did not find a lot of support out there. As a matter of fact, many people tried to spoil my dream just to make me think twice before going for it. Although there are lots of reasons as to why people do this, I strongly believe that it is all but malice. Sometimes, the people around me, like friends and family have tried to “protect” me from being hurt. Even though they actually care about me and would not like to see me thrash about, one thing they do not understand is that what I really need is their support and encouragement.

Apparently, some people have been kind of envious of my audacity, especially due to the fact that they always dreamed of doing it, unfortunately, they by no means did. As a result, they make it sound like the acting industry is completely unfair.  

The Determination

In my view, breaking into this acting profession will require a lot of determination on my side. This is mainly because the more the opposition, the more the complications; the more the complications, the more desperate people feel; the more desperate they feel, the less they attempt; and the less they attempt, the easier it is for genuinely passionate people, like me, to make it.

Because of the fact that I am passionate about acting, I have decided to walk in this industry forever and enjoy every single moment of my achievements, because of the fact that I am passionate about acting. Nothing can stop me to achieve my goal.  \ As the proverb says, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. I know that eventually one day, my dream will come through. 

Matilda Assadorian. Custom Matilda Assadorian Essay Writing Service || Matilda Assadorian Essay samples, help

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