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The fundamental nature of this theory is that the seemingly erratic behavior gap in individuals is coherent and orderly. This is attributed to the way people choose to use their insight and opinion. Perception is all about becoming alert and aware of the surroundings. On the other hand, judgment involves coming up with conclusions of what we perceive. Since individuals differ systematically in the way they perceive and reach conclusions, it can be concluded that they differ correspondingly in their interests, principles, skills, stimulus and responses. This is according to Katharine Briggs, and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers is the brainchild behind this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator instrument is reliable and valid unlike other instruments that analyze the individual’s characteristics. According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument, my personality type is ESTP. Extraversion entails interrelating with people being particularly clear minded and doing things before taking the time to think through them. Sensation takes a more effective approach and deals with specifics. Thinking entails making use of values and taking a position as a removed spectator. Lastly, perception involves being flexible and open minded at all times waiting to see what the outcome will be.

People with ESTP personality are broadminded and flexible. They make rational decisions based on instant results. They do not rely on theories or even abstract explanations to the problem and solution. They are spontaneous, enjoy each moment at a time and to the here-and-now. They learn more and faster through doing. They also take pleasure in material style and comfort.

The personality type given by Myers-Briggs test is an accurate and correct description of my character. This is because; I prefer keeping an open mind to the activities going on in the environment and the problems around me. I am also not a strong believer in theories that people have developed in the past. This is because; they came up with these theories to solve the problem they encountered at the time. However, it is every person’s responsibility to come up with new theories and solutions to the emerging problems. This is preferable, instead of relying on theories that may not be best suited for their problems. I also appreciate being carefree and doing things spontaneously. This may be terribly risky, and bring undesirable results but it helps us to learn from mistakes (Myers, Kirby and Myers 15).

Personality Analysis. Custom Personality Analysis Essay Writing Service || Personality Analysis Essay samples, help

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