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Dealing with Sacrifice

Gordon claims that Olmec and Chav are similar in when conveying their themes. The attributes that are communicated by the art demonstrate the distinct character of renowned personalities. For instance, Olmec and Chav demonstrate success and bravery and such attributes are inclined to the supernatural being. However, the Mesoamerican Olmec conveyed the rise of western civilization. Gordon claimed that, although Andean Chavin did demonstrate western civilization, it was not distinct as that of Olmec. He perceived that the artwork demonstrated the reality of the current society. The state formation that was witnessed in Peru and Mexico overshadowed the Early Horizon art – a distinctive feature of civilization. However, there was no civilization in Panama, as the society inclined on chieftainship until when the Spaniards arrived. 

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Ralph claims that Chilam Balam Book is complicated and a reader can find it difficult to understand the subject matter. For instance, the book mentions many Maya Gods. In the current society, Maya Gods have never been identified, as it is perceived to be fictitious. He argues that the book covers the chronological order of events since 3100 BC to 685 BC. It does not go beyond this historical period (Caldero-figueroa & Sandres 102). The book cites the mysteries that are associated with godly acts. For instance, in 687 BC, it portrays that the sun shifted location for a period of 3 months. Ralph contends this perception claiming that sun has never changed its position except in his establishment of the nova event of Venus. 

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Popol Vuh is considered sacred as it was used in solving spiritual problems of the Maya community. In a civilized environment, there is always increased brutality and mayhem. Popol Vuh provided spiritual guidance on divine functions, relationship between man and deity, sin and virtue, life and death, causative laws that define a phenomenon and human destiny. Maya religion focused on development of inner peace of soul through demarcation of unjust activities in the society. It was believed that an individual’s virtue would merit him/her a happy life after death (Aldama 32).

The Andean people believed on sacrifice as the cleansing agent. They believed that the Gods would cleanse their sins if they offer sacrifice to them. Human sacrifice was of necessity. However, they also believed in animal sacrifice where buffalos were sacrificed, especially in Malayalam dances and Madiga festivals. In addition, oxen sacrifice was permissible among the Vedic India. Indeed, they believed that the sacrifices aimed at restoring the broken relationship that may have existed between humankind and God and between women and men.

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The Maya, Incas and Andeans culture reveals their greatness in mathematics, scientists, and astrologists. Most of the architectural activities undertaken by the Mayan demonstrated precision in all the aspects (Aldama 45). The measurements were accurate and the skills of the masons were unquestionable. In an attempt to realize perfect results in their architect works, the Mayan studied the climatic condition and the nature of soil to ascertain the type of building that suits the location. Such astrological skills were accompanied by the correct calculations. 

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