Andy Warhol

Artists illustrate the types of persons, as they are, through their actions. Therefore, this means that if one’s illustration is negative, the same is assumed by those who relate with them. Andy Warhol’s works show positivity towards life. It is an indication that he is willing to face the challenges that life offers without feelings resented for the mistakes he has made earlier in life. Therefore, this same notion is directly transferred to the observers of his work. Given the fact that he deals with Pop Art, he could force individuals to make positive changes in their lives. This is because of the direct influence that is transferred through his pieces of art. Also, the fact that he captures celebrities in his work makes it more intriguing than any other type of art (Guiles, 1989, p23).

The Andy’s work started from the positive and obvious to a more intense one. His obsession with iconic celebrities was mostly associated with his work before his death. He created artwork concerning J.F Kennedy’s death, media images, atomic bomb, car and plane crashes. He gave a new name and character to Pop Art, and everything pertaining to it, since his time, has taken a new direction in the contemporary world (Peter, 1996, p345).

Andy’s contributions to the art world are enormous. His fame is earmarked by the setting up of the Andy Museum. It is an extremely crucial part of the growth and expansion of art. The museum is a representation of many artists’ work brought together to celebrate and appreciate art. The museum galvanizes life and art in an enormous way. It is opened to the public as they view the various artworks of numerous artists and scholars. The museum constantly presents many forms of the contemporary art works that are exceedingly refreshed.

There has also been the establishment of the Andy Warhol Foundation. This was as a fulfillment of Andy’s wishes upon his demise. The mission of the foundation is based upon the need to offer a support to the creation and presentation of contemporary visual art. This is an illustration of the charitable and uplifting role that the foundation plays in introducing artists to the public and offering the support that is needed. The foundation played a fundamental role in the culture wars that prevailed in the 1990s. Through its intervention, artists were able to get freedom of artistic expression. The foundation works hand in hand with the Andy Warhol’s Museum.

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Criticism of Andy’s Work

For every successful personality, criticism of what one indulges in is inevitable. This is because not everyone finds joy in the success of others. In addition to this, criticism plays a significant role in the growth of the criticized person. His shooting in 1968 was a clear indication that not everyone appreciated the exemplary work that he did. Also, he was renowned for saying very little about his work. He was shot by Valerie Solana, who was in the cast of one of his movies. She was angered when she could not get her script back. However, the attack was an indication that she had a grudge. Andy, however, managed to survive the attack (Staff of the Andy Warhol Museum, 2004, p157).

On the contrary, he preferred to let his audience view his artwork and contemplate the meaning. This was not well perceived by the media who are always waiting to get the comments. However, this is created an opportunity for his audience to connect with his pieces of art work.

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Andy is renowned for being the most celebrated Pop Artist. This is a title that he earned due to his outstanding works of art. This is a clear indication that 'The power to define what art is, and who is an artist, is concentrated in the art world". His desire and success in art are a confirmation of these sentiments. Though his pursuance of art, he managed to establish himself and turned out to be extremely successful. His main motivation in his art is to take an object, that has no intrinsic value, and give it a touch of art that leaves one intrigued by the familiarity of the material used, but at the same time, thrown off by the way it has been touched. His art takes form by successively linking small bits of disconnected information into a complex network where they are all interrelated, and they are blended in a smooth manner. The strong manner in which his artistic work intertwines between the individual varied components to form an overall opinion of the great admiration is amazing. This has also enhanced him with the ability to explore the relationships between art and everyday life.

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An artist should create art in a clear and conspicuous manner to ensure that an ordinary man can easily identify it. This will ensure that there exists a connection with the viewer. People view art as a form of relief and relaxation during their leisure time. This implies that it is inappropriate for an artist to focus all his works on death, hence creating a sad mood among his viewers. It is also crucial for an artist to ensure that his work is enticing, but not confusing. This is the depiction emanating from the art works presented by Andy’s Pop Art. He creates interesting forms of art that keep his audience glued to them all times. This is because confusing work does not interest the viewer. Eventually, the viewer will cease paying attention to the artist’s work (Scherman & Dalton, 2010, p56).

Therefore, it is evident that art is used to pass on important messages in an enticing manner. It is extremely crucial that an artist determines what the views have to be seen. This would ensure that the pieces of work that they display do not cause controversy. On the contrary, the pieces of art would bring joy and relief after long days or confusing moments. Art forms the basis of communication and meditation. Though it is important to create mystery and suspense in presentation of pieces of art, an artist should always ensure that his mystery is simple and that it, eventually, comes out the time the viewer come across the work. This is a good way of relaxing one’s mind as it may appear like a brain game.

Nowadays, paint is made of better quality materials and the brushes are even better. The quality of canvas has also not been left behind because it has been modified to accommodate the changing world trends. If artists fail; to keep up with the modern world, they stand to lose their competitive edge over their younger counterparts in the art world. Art is a representation of the lives of mankind and the environment around them. This means that art changes with every moment that happens in the world.

Generally, it is vital for people to appreciate art. This is because art helps us reflect on our lives. Eventually, through the concepts of the artist, we are able to change for the better. Modernism in graphic design spread throughout the world and has continued up to date. Designers and the public at large began appreciating the modernism aspect in graphic design. This has resulted in tremendous growth, in the graphic design industry. There are paintings that many people admire and make them appreciate painting made by many artists, which helps encourage many artists, thereby motivating them to come up with excellent work. Let us all appreciate pieces of art.

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