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I have an interest in Fine Arts.  I want to take a career in Fine Arts and I believe CornellUniversity will make me achieve my dreams. I have chosen to study fine arts not only because I love art, but also because I am in love with its sheer potential to influence on a person, society or even the whole world. I can spend endless hours on just one drawing and painting without getting distracted. It was upon the realization that everything in this world is art itself, when I first truly began to appreciate art. Whether it is the color transition of leaves during autumn, music or even actual artworks there is no doubt that art is all around us. I believe art influences and inspire us every day.

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The unique lifestyle I have lived has strongly influenced my artworks. I have lived in five different countries and have visited over twenty. This has exposed me to different cultures, foods, beliefs, and people. China, for example, which I lived in for two years, changed my perception of human nature. Before then, I had lived in English speaking countries. I was not able to speak or read Chinese language.  I found it very difficult at first, but was able to fluently speak a third language by the end of the two years. Moreover, I was able to learn the Chinese culture and beliefs; an experience that I would not trade for anything else in the world.

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My parents always encouraged me to choose a career on my own, unlike others who make decisions for their children.  This has given me an opportunity to choose a career that is in line with my interests, capabilities, and life experiences. They also have unintentionally introduced and showed me the world art. Last year, after my family moved from Australia to the States, they want to help me fulfill my dream of studying fine arts in America.

I choose CornellUniversity, because of the unique programs they offer, the quality of the faculty members, and the beauty of the campus. It has competence faculty members and, therefore, offers quality of education. The institution also helps in shaping the world through education research and outreach. Moreover, its renowned fine arts program and excellence in academics is very respectable and I am sure that being surrounded by a very intelligent community would strongly benefit me. I am particularly driven, when I see its alumni imparting the world in their various field of study including being orchestra conductors, and Oscar winning producers.

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The majors in Fine Art at the institution will provide me with a general knowledge in acting, directing, technical theatre, theatre studies, play writing, or drawing and painting. The interdisciplinary programs offered and the freedom and flexibility offered at the College of Arts and Sciences will allow me to delve deeply into my specific topics of interest. For example, recent college scholars have completed senior projects on topics such as the social construction of race, classical Arabic poetry, and “wired” art and modern technological expressions (CornellUniversity, college of arts and sciences). The university’s Willard Straight Hall Student Union’s mission of emphasizing Willard Straght Hall’s historical responsibility as the university’s only Student Union for cultural and social enrichment (CornelUniversity) will help me learn more about different cultures which will be advantageous for my future goals. In addition to creating artworks, I am also very interested in pursuing a career in museum management and eventually manage my own gallery.

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