Marcus Aurelius

This sculpture is an example of the monuments that survived the Barbarian invasion or works of the Christian rebuilding. It is made from marble which has been melted for lime. It’s dating lies in 161-180 AD. It is said that the emperor had imposed demeanor extracted from the left pieces of destruction. Other pieces of tradition state that the sculpture was not destroyed since people in the middle Ages believed it to be a portrait of the first Christian emperor from Rome. It was inspired by equestrian monuments by Marcus Aurelius. It appears to be covered by an imperial crown as well as robes. The orb symbolizes the world. The rider is larger than his horse, and he sits like he is standing upright. The horse appears to be tame and calm.

Etruscan sculptors were known for producing striking portraits in the Hellenistic period. The sculpture of this art was the Aulus Metellus statue. Throughout their history, they produced small bronzes which were from Greek. There were many bronze workshops in the cities in Etruria. This sculpture was discovered in 1566 at Lake Trasimene. It represents Aulus Metellus who was appointed as an official by the Romans. This statue has an inscription written in Etruscan and it is found at the Etruscan territory.

The statue is from Etruscan origins. Aulus Metellus is dressed in a Roman costume, which was worn in the Roman office. Besides, this attire shows the character of a Roman, and does not resemble the works of the Greek who inspired the Etruscan art. This bronze sculpture is life-sized; his name is inscribed on his attire. This statue has been in existence since the ancient time and is referred to as ‘The Orator’. This man looks like he is addressing an audience. He wears boot made from leather, which is notable since the gods are believed to have walked barefoot. The Roman officials were clothed, unlike some from ancient Greek. The orator appears to be a real person. He appears to show the leaders to have the same features as in real life.



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