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In this paper, I am going to review a hugely popular movie that was released in February 2011. The film is about a resentful father who escaped from hell in order to chase after the devilish sect that slaughtered his daughter and abducted his granddaughter. However, as the father hunts for the murders he is also being hunted by the soul keeper. The movie was directed by Patrick. The title of the movie is drive angry and to live to its name it is an action packed movie. However, there is a mixture of a little bit of crime and fantasy in the movie. At the end of year 2011, it proved to be quite a popular movie, as it was voted one of the best movies of 2011 in the charts.

Descriptive Criticism

The cast comprises of Milton (Nicolas Cage), the lead actor who poorly performs as per the audience’s expectation. The film applies irony by the fact that Milton is a dead brutal criminal who smashes out of hell in a mission to achieve some meritorious deed. Milton is assisted by a waiter that he falls in love with after they kick the waitress boyfriend and steals his car to accomplish Milton mission. Whilst the soul keeper, also known as The Accountant (William Fichtner) is objected to the line of hauling Milton back down to the pits of hell. The film is set out in a remote location with a minimal number of people. The scene is full of beautiful a lot of mountains and caves. The plot of the film is quite flowing although the director spoils it by the introduction of sex escapades. The introduction of police to help the accountant is thoughtful, as it helps to spread the intended message. The music used in this film is mainly rock music. This is done by a combination of precisely placed recognized songs and a persistent score from composer Michael Wandmacher who is evidently in his constituent here.

Interpretive Criticism

The film’s main idea is set behind the shocking brutality and selfishness surrounding the many sects. Many people are cheated in to giving up everything just to gain power and trust in the cult. However, the film tries to teach us that we should be merciful and thoughtful of others despite how pathetic we are in the society. This is achieved by use of a former dead hard case criminal who escapes from hell to rescue his grand daughter from a satanic cult, where she was to be offered as a sacrifice. It is our expectation that such a mission should be accomplished by angels from heaven. Therefore, it throws a challenge to the human race that something beneficial can indeed come out from filth. The human race is portrayed as immoral, greedy and at times brutal. This is evident in the scenes where the hotel owner tries to seduce her workers and where Milton has sex with a lady that he meets on the same day.

Evaluative Criticism

Drive angry is regarding humanity’s voracious craving for gratification. This accomplished by having sex, smoking cigars and drinking hard liquor. To top it all, they involve themselves in a satanic cult for get rich quick scams. The film is both morally upstanding and morally unacceptable. Morally bad in the sense that it offers explicit nude adult scenes. The adult engages in sexual activities anyhow with little or no love at all being involved. The film is morally upstanding I n the perspective that it offers a lot of lessons pertaining in redeeming ones sinful nature. It leaves a big, moral responsibility challenge to the human race that if they fail to protect the young, then criminals in hell can do that. Another lesson is that danger results when one involves himself with satanic cults.


Drive angry is recommendable to greedy and unsatisfied human. The film would help them achieve the notion that one should be content with what he has and moreover understand that there are rules everywhere, even in hell.

Drive Angry. Custom Drive Angry Essay Writing Service || Drive Angry Essay samples, help

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