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According to quantum physics, we create our days through the use of the power of thought, choice and perception.  Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities. It is not true that people do not have influence over their lives, but instead their lives are influenced by the environment around them. We create our reality from our perceptions whether we are aware or not of this notion. The outside world is no more real than the internal world as we have come believe because the outer environment is shaped by our internal selves.  The wiring of the brain determines our perception and how possibilities are viewed and patterns that are associated with daily human activities. This wiring of the human brain is also affected by the hypnosis by the environment in such a way that, with endless possibilities, human beings tend to a create the same realities over and over. This eventually leads to the belief that situations are beyond one's control, but its clear with quantum physics it is possible to change the dull uninspiring life. This is through the process of rewiring the brain to influence their thought processes and gain more information on what inspires them.

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With the endless potential, human beings create the same reality, but as quantum physics explains there are infinite possibilities of realities.  A person is responsible for the life that they are living, and the life they will live in the future. Life is determined by the perceptions of it, and past failures have a way of shaping the present and the future. We are co-creators of our destiny and not helpless by standers watching situations happening since we can influence and change our reality. Quantum physics explains that the occurrences within us in the mind create what is around us (experiences and people).

The rewiring of the brain is possible through a conscious effort to change attitudes, goals, revelations and reactions to situations. It is a deliberate and conscious effort to influence the thought process to create the desired outcome in life. Like Amanda in the movie What the Bleep do we know? , who struggles with her thought processes; I will attempt to create a day using Dr. Dispenza’s model. This model emphasizes on focus on attitudes, goals, revelations and the successes of the day.

The day begins with me taking a quiet moment to settle my mind and focus on what I want my day to be like. I intentionally and consciously create my day in the exact way I want it to unfold since thoughts affect our reality, and determine our perception. Like Amanda in the movie, when she meets the boy playing basket ball, she understands that our reality is defined by our thoughts. Matter is everywhere, but the focus on the matter fixes it on the one place, making it visible and real.  This proves that we create our own realities and determine the occurrences around us by the power of our thoughts. I want a day where the people in my life feel loved and appreciated, and the goals I have set for the day accomplished.   I take time to appreciate the fact that I am alive and woke up to have another chance to accomplish my purpose on the earth. I have the chance to learn from those around me, and impact their lives today.

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In my quiet moments, this morning, I have focused on the day ahead and chose to focus on the things I can do to improve myself. The things that made yesterday difficult have solutions, and I choose to handle them differently and only anticipate wellness today.   What marvelous things can I make happen today is the main thought this morning. I want to be more patient towards people and situations, since every morning something always happens to test my patience. Therefore, by the time I get to my destination in the morning, I am already angry, and anything else that happens that day just seems to add to the anger and stress that I am already experiencing.   Today, the neighbor that always blocks my car in the drive way left earlier than me, and I have not had to deal with him and his temper. I am early today, so I can make my favorite breakfast and take time to enjoy it avoiding having to rush through the traffic with coffee spilling all over.

As I stand over my stove to make coffee, I look at the different ingredients that I combine to make coffee, and how useless they are on their own, but when combined form something incredible. It reminds me that am a powerful entity in the universe and contribute to its wellness.  I focus on my abilities and choose which I want to utilize on this day, and see how well I can use it today depending on what I want to accomplish. The conscious thoughts that I choose to focus on affect the quantum field around me and attract that which I desire to become. I am also aware of that some undesired effects may come from my thought process, and I form a neutral net in my mind to hold those and anticipate them.

This forms a stepping stone, from where I will be able to do things differently tomorrow and learn from today’s mistakes. I purpose to do random acts of kindness to other people and appreciate the incredible things and people in my life. I write down all the things I desire to see in my day today, and review at the end of the day.  I spend a few minutes going through each item and visualizing each scenario in detail; in my mind.  I allow myself to feel different emotions in the scenarios, the joy, happiness, gratitude and excitement. Those thoughts will attract that which I have focused on, and will start to attract the attitudes, reactions and reflections I have focused on my life. Amanda also realized that whatever her thought process focuses on attracted those circumstances which led her to being exceedingly angry, and a lot of things were going wrong in her life. I then carry the card that I wrote in the morning to where I am going, and keep scheming over them to remember what I should focus on during the day.

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Rehearsing my actions, speech and experiences for the day ahead is a form of activation the frontal lobe of my brain the actions can become real. They are so real that the brain perceives them as three dimensional realities. I make sure that I stick to what I have envisioned in my mind my day to be like. In case some things don’t work out as expected; I take them in my stride as challenges as stepping stones to being a better person in life. At the end of the day, I review how I did and what might have caused some instances of lack of success in my day.  This could have been caused by my speech, actions or even thoughts that were not in line with what I had envisioned in the morning while creating my day.  This is a repetitive process so as to move from thinking, to doing and finally being.

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