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This paper is to ascertain my application for the Science Foundation Course in Kingston University of London. I have fully made a choice to pursue this particular course, based on the understanding that it will go a long way in equipping me with all the relevant knowledge and academic expertise that form the fundamental prerequisite to the field of Pharmacy- a prospect I plan to pursue at the same institution in the future (Kingston University of London). Additionally, the course will give me a new outlook and orientation into the academic discipline and  much enhanced university culture that will guarantee my success in the future prospects of Pharmacy at the Kingston University of London. Given that Pharmacy has been my dream course right from the childhood, the admission to study Science Foundation Course is a positive step towards pursuing pharmaceutical studies at the prestigious institution. This dream is the drive for my application for the above course at the world -class Kingston University of London that I greatly desire to become my partner of choice in this endeavor.

Science Foundation Course at the Kingston University of London remains the only course that arouses my interest more than any other. Besides being a gateway to study Pharmacy in the world -class Kingston University of London through direct entry, the course will furnish me with all fundamental concepts in pharmacy related sciences, some of which were covered in the GCSE and A-Level syllabus. Some of the advanced courses covered under the Science Foundation Course are crucial for the understanding of the subject matter pharmacy and include Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Oncology, Toxicology, Synthetic Biochemistry, Organosynthesis and other basics in applied medicine. With the proper understanding and good mastery of these subjects, I am better placed to excel in my career course - that is pharmacy courtesy of Science Foundation Course.

In this manner, Science Foundation Course will act as a bridge that relates how the scientific knowledge I had acquired during my elementary and A-levels education could apply to the advanced field of Pharmacy. Similarly, the course will play a crucial role in my progression into pharmacy without any hitch because it elevates the concepts of my elementary sciences I did in my A-levels a notch higher to the point where they meet the entry requirements of Pharmacy. The highest degree of inclination of Science Foundation Course to Pharmaceutical studies at the Kingston University of London is the number one factor that raises my concern in the said course of interest. In this regard, the course will definitely satisfy my curiosity and enthusiasm that exists in the subject area, as far as the application of scientific knowledge in pharmacy is concerned.

Secondly, I am a suitable candidate for the Science Foundation in Kingston University of London because I studied and passed English, Mathematics, and Chemistry, major in GCSE and A-Levels in Iran, prior to making this application. With the full knowledge that these highlighted subjects form the core scientific concepts of the course to which I make an application, I am bound to succeed in the course on the virtue of their similarities.  Besides my academic qualifications in the preliminary sciences (Mathematics and Chemistry), my undying interest in sciences will be an added advantage to my excellent performance in this particular course that I have chosen to study. Earlier on, I have demonstrated a track record of an outstanding performance in the field of sciences in all levels of study, ranging from elementary level through ordinary, to A-levels in Iran. This is an attestation of my academic prowess, which I am determined to continue and long after my admission to Science Foundation Course.

Similarly, my impetus and self-driven motivation to acquire new knowledge in my area of specialization will definitely guarantee my success in the course against all possible odds. I am in the habit of concentrating on my studies to the fullest of my potential and further doing a lot of research on my own initiative so as to gain further knowledge in my area of specialization. This is how I have managed to gain much insight into the subject matter of science, which I am looking forward to study as a gateway to Pharmacy, at the Kingston University of London.

Furthermore, I am a unique, compassionate, cultured, impassioned and self-assured individual who have learnt to reach for the stars against all odds. Most importantly, I do exhibit many other likeable qualities, values and attributes, which I gained throughout my High School and A-Levels experiences that have altogether earned me admiration and respect of my educators and peers. During my high school days, I demonstrated strong leadership skills at various positions- a phenomenon that prompted many students to put their trust in me for the entire duration of my leadership. As such, my colleagues look up unto me for leadership and direction in many tasks we were charged to undertake on a regular basis. I strongly feel most of these qualities and characteristics would heavily contribute to the future diversified cultures at the institutions of higher learning such as that of Kingston University of London.

Apart from academics, I am also good in sports and I do participate in a number of sporting activities such as athletes, ball games as well as other categories of indoor games like scrabble and chess. These talents have been of great purpose as far as expansion of my social networking is concerned within the institutions. My sporting potentials could be adequately tapped to the benefit of Kingston University of London during intervarsity games and athletes competition. Other hobbies that could be of use to the university include playing basketball and racing.

It is my desire to study at Kingston University of London because it is a world – class university, whose graduates are highly esteemed in the job market like no other in Iran. As an international student, I can successfully complete a course that is taught in English, like Science Foundation Course, because GCSE and A-Levels studies were taught and examined in English. I am also proficient in English. I can write and speak English without any problem.

Given an opportunity to study in this world- class institution, I will be placed in a better position to work towards the attainment of my life dreams: becoming a qualified and most competent practicing pharmacist working in an international pharmaceutical company. This dream could only be realized in partnership with the prestigious world- class Kingston University of London, which offers the best educational program on sciences and Pharmacy.

Science Foundation Course. Custom Science Foundation Course Essay Writing Service || Science Foundation Course Essay samples, help

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