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Coastal Andhra

I am a calm person, who values smooth life rather than ruffled life. I am a cheerful and genial man whom friends trust. Furthermore, I value my public image, thus I am quite social. This has made most of my friends to refer to me as an authentic man. I love hanging out with friends and visiting new places. Thus, I love exploring other places as a tourist. During weekends, I would like to visit and familiarize myself with the new places in the Coastal Andhra. As a new resident in this place, I would like to visit several places, as it is a state with varied entertaining places.

Andhra has varied entertainment places, which include temples, a vast coastal line and royal charm. I would first take my trip to Hyderabad by bus. I will make my personal shopping at Nalgonda in one of the shopping malls and take my breakfast at Taj Krishna Hotel.  I will look for a cab, which could take me to the Bandar Fort along the sea. Later, I will walk along the coast to the Manginapodi beach, where I will leave at dusk (, n.d). At dusk, I will visit 10 Downing Street disco and later move to the Blue Water. This will take me a five-minute walk as those two clubs are on the same street. When I will be tired, I will take a cab to the Treasure Island, which will be a ten-minute drive. I will opt to spend the night there, as it is cool and found at the outskirts of the town.

Experience in Nepal

My experience in Nepal will be great, as I will opt to visit the Himalayas Mountain. I will take a bus from Kathmandu to the great Himalayan range; it will take exactly one hour. I will take my breakfast at the lodge at the Himalaya Range (Manderlust, n.d). I will then look for a guide, who will lead me in the mountain climbing. I will traverse along the ranges and spend my night at the Himalaya lodge. Early the following morning, I will move on to the Everest Mountain, which is considered the highest mountain in the world. To climb the Mountain Everest I will take the whole day. I will take photographs of the mountain peaks and the aerial view of the surrounding area. I will also take photographs of the varieties of birds in the atmosphere. During mountain climbing, I will experience different weather changes as it will be summer and the mountain will have varied weather conditions. I will take snaps of the rocky ground and the vegetation cover. Later, I will spent three nights and start my journey back to the Kathmandu, where Limburg works. I will compile my album and rearrange my photos to save them. 

My Experience. Coastal Andhra. Custom My Experience. Coastal Andhra Essay Writing Service || My Experience. Coastal Andhra Essay samples, help

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