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A lie is a false statement which is made with an intention of deceiving or with the purpose of bringing out a false impression it can also be an inaccurate statement. Basically in many occasions I do lie to either escape embarrassment or in the cases of a relationship I lie to cover the truth. The main reason why I cheat on my partner and tell the truth is that there are high chances of being left. Ideally, desperate moment’s calls for desperate measures and some critical moments call for one to lie to be on the safe side.

Last weekend I lied to my younger sisters and brothers that I really had a very nice, enjoyable and memorable moment but deep in my heart I knew that I was lying to. To be honest, they were horrible, always disturbing and not understanding, surely who was I to enjoy such a moment? During last year’s Valentine’s Day I cheated on my spouse, I switched my phone to silent mode so that the other person who I was spending that day out with could not realize what was going on. I therefore had to come up with a story so that it could seem to be real. I called my spouse after a day and said that my grandmother felt sick and I had to take her to hospital with immediate effect, but unfortunately I forgot my phone behind. Last year one of my pals was to wed and I lied to her that I would attend the wedding and bring her the best gift but on the actual wedding day I never showed up and I did not take the gift I had promised her.

I remember when in primary school I used to sell my books and pens and go lie to my parents that I had lost them. Sometimes when I had not done my homework I could go to the hospital lie to the doctor about the symptoms then he could give me some pain killers with a letter from the hospital which could act as a proof that I was sick and I had gone to the hospital for medication; as a result I had to miss classes not because I was sick but because I had not done my homework. When I sold my car my friends questioned me about how I would survive without a car, but I had to lie to them that I was going to buy a better car although in my mind I perfectly knew that I was in need of money and it would be a shame if I told them the truth. The same case happened when I lost my job and I could not admit to my friends that I had lost the job but instead I lied to them that I had found greener pastures somewhere else. I lied to my parents when I used to spend all the money they had left for me when I was in boarding school, I would often call them and lie that I had lost all the money they had left for me a week ago.

Exams used to bring tension to me and I would always find ways of passing them. Sometimes I would write some brief notes on my desk and I would read them during the exams secretly as I answer the questions or sometimes I would sit next to someone I knew was clever and I would try my best to copy his or her work as a result I would always pass my exams, and I went home lying to my parents that I did the exams on my own. 

The Ways I Lie. Custom The Ways I Lie Essay Writing Service || The Ways I Lie Essay samples, help

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