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I am a girl and I grew up in a family of four members. My parents own a beautiful garden with a homestead; therefore, my passion is preserving the environment. I love trees very much and have a habit of planting and replacing them during a process of deforestation. I believe that while doing this, I protect the life of creatures such as birds that depend on trees when they need food and shelter to survive. While planting trees, I do not only add beauty to the surrounding, but I conserve the soil, which gives many benefits to people.

I love trees because they are the source of food and enhance circulation of fresh air; hence, they contribute to the survival of people in the ecosystem. As a result, I extended this habit of planting trees to conserving the environment at school. I formed a small club where all students interested in this activity could join. However, my target was not only to convince them, but also encourage each student to inform others about positive effect of conserving our nature. Not only do I plant trees for satisfaction, but also develop my interests in becoming an environmentalist in future. I want to protect and improve the ecosystem through changing the harmful effect people make and encourage them to engage in activities that will conserve the environment.

I value our green environment and have a strong perception of issues concerning our surrounding.  To implement this idea, the club members and I have devised a plan - create educative posters to preserve, enhance, and restore the natural environment. To develop further my interests, I have chosen a career of the environmentalist in higher education. As a result, I have expanded my knowledge via research and meeting different environmentalists from the diverse organizations in the field (Friedman 42).  While working together with environmentalists from various organizations, I got a chance to increase my knowledge on plenty of concepts concerning the environment.

For instance, becoming an environmentalist exposes me to many things I did not know.  I realized that while pursuing a career in environmentalism, an individual can work in diverse fields. They range from environmental lobbyists to environmental scientists and educators.  I have also learnt that being an environmentalist helps to make others understand how they interact with environment and use its natural resources. As a potential environmental professional, I execute diverse duties such as conducting researches about the environment. The other activities I have developed skills in include lobbying, preparing reports and publicizing data about the environment. I also distribute positive information to the public concerning the present and future condition of the environment.

My passion for planting trees began at the age of 12, when I used to think that an individual who loved trees is just conserving the environment. On the contrary, I realized that this passion about the environment was not only about planting trees, but restoring the nature of our ecosystem.  The knowledge I gained made me perceive environmentalism from different perspectives. For instance, apart from growing trees, I know how to protect the environment from contaminants. I have also learnt that lobbyists’ function is to act on the behalf of the organization and convince members of authority to adopt new environmental policies (Friedman 103).

Time passes so fast and I recall the earlier days when I used to plant trees in the garden, organized clubs to campaign for environment conservation, which made me knowledgeable about environmentalism. I am now working hard to ensure that my dream to become an environmental educator will come true.  Environmental education will allow me to pass the knowledge I have gained by teaching others about environmental science. I have chosen it because I believe that passing the knowledge concerning environment conservation will also make me a role model for the society.

When I was younger, I used to admire the popular environmentalists of our society; I even became envious whenever I watched those nominations for awards in news. Now, this is my time to pass the skills I gained to others and above all to discover personal self-concept. Self-concept exhibits my identity, perspective, and the manner of evaluating everything that surrounds me. So far, I believe that I have developed the concept of discovering and raising awareness among others about what I love doing most in life. Having assessed my life up to the present days, I have understood my self –concept. This is evident from the simple activities of planting trees, involving others in clubs, and passing the knowledge I gained to teach people about the problems.

This essay reveals a clear perspective concerning myself. I have realized that to reach the top, one has to start from the bottom and constantly develop to achieve success in life. For instance, I identified what I loved at first, and then I implemented my ideas in planting trees and conserving environment. The next step was forming a club, where I engaged a lot of individuals who took care of the ecosystem. Finally, I identified the related sphere that enabled me to share my experience with others, which reveals my actual self -concept.  

Self Concept. Custom Self Concept Essay Writing Service || Self Concept Essay samples, help

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