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When I was ten years old, my grandmother died; since then, I felt her soul`s presence beside me every day. To my mind, a person`s soul can be felt, and it is a bundle of energy, created to donate afterlife. Soul is supported by a numen that controls its processes. Our physical life depends on our inner feelings. Real are our senses, our self-enrichment, the way we behave and intentions we aspire. People are free to choose the path to take (spiritual or unspiritual), but they are not always conscious of what they do.

Lately I questioned myself from where I have gained my knowledge. There are some basic instincts that are present without being taught. Other knowledge is gained through life experience. The basis for such knowledge is curiosity. There are universal truths that were ascertained through the centuries. The subject of faith can be only felt, it cannot be proved, whereas reason can be proved factually. Artificial intelligence is a property of intellectual systems to fulfill functions, which are traditionally considered to be the prerogative of humans (Feigenbaum). Artificial intelligence can challenge people to expand their mental possibilities. There is no limit to human understanding.

I had a situation in which I had to choose – whether to tell a lie to a friend or not. The right thing to do for a person is to listen to his conscience. A good person must never contribute to the world`s evil. Virtues are beneficial for human spirituality. Virtues may lead to disappointment, but the one who possess many virtues will bear good fruit out of them later. I believe that often the ends do not justify the means as, for example, a lie does not justify the result. Everything that a person does – he does to himself in the first place. I think that one should not look up to society – the society comprises many people, many of which have many vices, and their behavior is not at all exemplary. A bad example can affect the morality of a morally weak person. Every culture places emphasis on a particular virtue, and every man has his own idea of morality, but morality in general is unique for all people.

Recently I went to a museum where I saw paintings of different art movements. I asked myself whether abstract paintings are beautiful. I think that anything can be beautiful, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes things can be considered beautiful mutually in different cultures, but every individual has its own vision of beauty. The purpose of art is to create something that will delight the eye and give food for thought. A piece of art can be valuable if its spiritual value is irreplaceable and unique. Beauty matters for humanity. It makes people feel elevated feelings and rise over everyday life.

I can see many underdeveloped countries struggling for life in order to earn for a piece of bread while the governors line pockets with money – no type of governments is good. The government should have eighty percent of power. People that rule a country should be strong and fair. Common citizens should be able to divest from authority a bad governor (Kjaer, 1-15).

I often notice that people can do evil things in relation to others. I ask myself whether people may transgress the limits of allowable or not. People should respect others within a society. Sometimes people should accustom themselves to the society they want to live in because of cultural differences. Social values can affect individual beliefs if the government is based on dictature and people are confined to satisfy the will of their governor (Elster, 7-52).

People do behave differently in the crowd as they fall under herd instinct. People quickly absorb the language used by society, its gestures, tones of voice and imitate them. 

Vital Questions. Custom Vital Questions Essay Writing Service || Vital Questions Essay samples, help

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