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Reflection of Sports Experience

My own experience about sports remains breathtaking. I grew up supporting a local football team. After I went to post high school, I got a new experience as I interacted with people from diverse regions. As such, I became an ardent fan of the English Premier League. In the league, I support Manchester United. The team has a rich history that pulled me. My experience watching the game is intriguing. As a supporter, I have encountered heartbreaks as my team has lost some games that I never expected. However, most of the times, I have been thrilled as the team wins in most instances. I have also managed to make some friends while participating in the games. Sometimes, I have also encountered frightening moments as fans from opposing teams attempted to engage in unbecoming behavior.

Role of Sports

Sports play a great role in the society. Sport is a team-based engagement (Jarvie, 2006). Hence, it improves working together as a group. This is through the enhancement of team spirit. It is also notable that sports are based on rules and regulations. In this regard, sports contribute to rule-making or norm creation. Another aspect is based on the view that teams are supported by fans from different parts. Hence, sporting activities contribute towards integrating members of the society.

Sports also contribute towards the distortion of both fans’ and athletes’ life objectives. This happens when people begin believing that life is centered on winning and earning much money. Hence, sports are a diversion from real life issues. Often, people abandon their work to watch sport games. Another attribute that casts sports in an unhelpful light is that, it has become too commercialized. This is true since big multinationals use sports for advertising purposes while sport teams use their brands to market products. Consequently, sports are seen as contributing towards the creation of a culture of materialistic dependence. Sports have also played a role in militarizing and nationalizing people. In the sporting events, national pride is dominant. Sports have also played a role in the enhancement of racism and sexism. It is due to sports aid the perpetuation of both sexual and racial stereotypes.

Connection of Experience with That of Others

Each person experiences something out of participating in games (Johnson & Holman, 2004). Irrespective of being a fan or a player, each participant undergoes some form of transformation. To begin with, sports fans experience sensations whenever their teams are playing. These sensations emanate from the idea that in playing, there are possibilities of winning or losing games. Consequently, the burning desire to win is a dominant feeling which is fuelled by the urge to win. The levels of excitement that fans reflect are surprising to participants. In practice, the participants are the ones who stand to lose or gain. Whereas, the win for participants is monetary or material; for fans, the win or loss is more psychological. A connecting aspect between fans and participants is that the will to win is almost equal. This is reflected by the level of disappointment among the fans and participants whenever a team fails to performs well.

Sports Experience. Custom Sports Experience Essay Writing Service || Sports Experience Essay samples, help

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