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The year 2003 was worth recollecting. It did represent a time when my father took a turn in his career, eventually having a significant impact on my life. The decision he took made me who I am today. I revere it up to today. The following came with new expectations and was sparkling to my life. I did discover the strength within me. I could relate freely with my friends. Going out for shopping became a hobby I could not relinquish.

Early 2003 goes into the record as the year when my father was undertaking his second year as an insurance agent. This was after whole 23 years in paint contracting business. He, however, had one addiction; love for money. He could go to any extent to earn an extra coin. This did drive his desire for advertising. In mid 2003 my dad saw an old U-Haul truck parked in the only lawyers’ office in Manor, TX. This was not just any old U-Haul. It was a moving bill board. His enthusiasm made him see an opportunity in the profession.

My father never gave attention to teaching me many vital things. He did not give an ear to my desire to learn how to put the vinyl wrap on his U-Haul. This did not pull my ambition back. I kept on forging ahead. Being a 13 year old, I did take a step of faith to learn it all by myself. I did love experiments and learning new things was my addiction. As playful as a kitten, I began to learn how to use the machinery. It did not take long before I grasped everything. My father took advantage of this and did involve me in many things. He always kept calling me to make yard signs or even magnets. With his extensive market coverage, he started advertising my abilities. Having been in the contracting business for 23 years, he did boast of many buddies. He kept explaining to them my proficiency in any advertisement field.

In 2004, I did manage to roll out with Manor Signs and More. This was a dream come true. My experience did earn me accolades as I did start doing banners for the local little league outfield fences. I also did magnets for cars, vinyl lettering of windows and much more! It is worth noting that I was only 13 years of age. This is a time when most teenagers still cling to their parents. Although I was under their guidance, I did exercise some independence. I did jump into the business world at a tender age. My parents were proud of me. I did meet people and discussed business issues. This made me appear like a grown up. Despite jumping so fast into the business world that people could not believe, I had to schedule all of my deliveries according to my parent’s plans. The main reason was that I could not drive on my own. It is hurting as that was the only thing that the law did not allow me to do. I wish I had permission to do all these stuff on my own. My age did become a limitation.

My experience is a challenge to the many young people out there. As young as thirteen, one can succeed in life. Through proper guidance and care, age can never be a barrier. If all laws and policies do consider the different abilities people possess, and age not being a limiting factor, one can be fully independent at a tender age. There is always hope. Young people should never despair.

My Experience. Custom My Experience Essay Writing Service || My Experience Essay samples, help

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