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In life we are always faced with circumstances that demand we make a decision this way or that way. Life presents as with choices that we have to make. The best decisions are the ones that are made independently and thoughtfully. In this paper I am going to discuss about the decision I made to become a born again Christian. I made this decision mainly because I wanted to be in peace with God, to gain personal contentment, to be able to live independently, to escape the ruinous life most youths are living, as a gift to my future family and to share God’s goodness with others.

I used to pay little attention to Christianity or anything to do with Church during my childhood and junior high school. When I went to senior high school I started feeling a pull towards the things of God and I started listening to preaching although that is the far I went. I would want to make that decision but I always found myself unable because I was not sure how my friends will take it. It is then I remember having read from a certain book that ‘on some decisions, cowards ask is it safe, politics ask is it popular but there comes a time in a person’s life when a person has to make a decision that is neither safe nor popular but he has to do so because conscious tells him it is right.’ I decided I was going to obey my conscience and make that decision not withstanding how my friends will think of me.

I made this decision because I wanted to live in peace with God and my inner self. I used look at nature, at the many things on earth that are beyond human abilities. I would think of life and death. Of the many catastrophes that man can only stand and watch as they destroy him. Then something inside of me kept telling me there must be a supernatural being somewhere. I would think of him so often. Then I started reading the Bible about him and one day I made the best and most important decision of my life. Without any persuasion, without any undue influence, I went to the Pastor and told him to pray for me and to baptize me. He did it.

I made this decision because I wanted to live independently. I realized I was living my friends’ lives and I wanted to live for myself. I would be influenced most of the times to do things that were against my better judgment but because I wanted to be acceptable to them I just couldn’t help myself. Afterwards I would regret why I did what I did but anyway next time it will still repeat itself the same way. I wanted to break that tendency, I wanted to be free and I knew if I cross the line to the other side they will just forget me. Sure they did forget me, I got new and responsible friends who give me time and space to be myself.

Being myself and changing friends helped me to escape the ruinous life most of the young people live in the name of enjoyment. The night clubs with their blazing noise, the backstreets with hard drugs and the houses of ill fame. This is what most of the youths are running after but it ruins them afterwards. A life free of night clubs, free of immorality and drugs is more worthy than the opposite I realized.

I also had in mind that in future I am going to get a family. A wife and by God’s will children who will need a strong healthy and responsible husband and daddy. I made a decision to live the kind of life that will enable me to live a fruitful and healthy life for the sake of the family to come. I am sure they will appreciate a dad who is there for them, who prays for them and guides them in the right direction and always with love. Moreover  my parents and siblings appreciated my change as they could now have time with me unlike when I used to be out all the time. Furthermore if I go out nowadays they are not troubled because they know wherever I am, I am in the right company doing the right thing.

Not only them but I also realized my decision would give me time to be with other people. To help with those who need a helping hand, to comfort the troubled and to shower love to many who have never experienced it. This decision has put me at the centre of charitable Christian organizations that help the poor, visit the sick, comfort the believed and speak hope to the hopeless. It gives me satisfaction and makes everyday worth living. I just can’t imagine something better I would be doing or I would have become other than a born again Christian.

It is a decision I have never had a single regret about, a decision I would encourage anybody to take because it is worth the effort and the investment. Many before me made the same decision in their own way and they give the same testimony.

An Important Decision. Custom An Important Decision Essay Writing Service || An Important Decision Essay samples, help

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