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Sustainable farming practices refer to farming that has integrated plant and animal production activities that are centered on ensuring long term results. Sustainable farming practices aim at solving environmental, economic and social issues by ensuring that current farming practices do not compromise on the ability of future generations meeting their needs. Starbucks support for fair trade coffee is beneficial to farmers. This is because fair trade coffee is bought directly from farmers and as such, it has a higher price as compared to standard coffee. This therefore ensures that coffee farmers achieve greater economic gains from their produce. Further, fair trade coffee regulations require that farmers practice fair labor practices. This therefore ensures that coffee laborers work in favorable environments that do not compromise on their health and that their wages are fair.

Going Green

Going green refers to embracing a lifestyle that is environmental friendly. Going green helps us to reduce the human influence on environmental degradation such as climate change. In order to help the environment, my family can save on energy consumption by using fluorescent bulbs and turning off devices that are not in use e.g. computers. To save on water, my family can reduce on shower time, while to save on fuel consumption my family can utilize walking for short distances rather than using the car. To reduce on air pollution, my family can maximize on buying locally produced products. Considering that these suggestions do not infringe on my family members rights, I can easily convince them to adapt at least 70% of the proposal.

Information Contained in Fruit Stickers

Stickers found on fruits have a PLU code which is also known as the price lookup number. This number is vital to the store because it eases the scanning process at the pay point since the codes are used by stores to indicate prices in their inventories. To the consumer, the PLU is vital because it indicates how that particular fruit was grown. Most stickers have between four to five digit codes. Fruits whose PLU code starts with number eight refer to fruits that were grown genetically. On the other hand, fruits with a PLU code that starts with a nine indicate fruits that were grown organically. This is paramount especially for consumers who have strict dietary requirements. The information on the stickers also inform the consumer about the nature of the product that they are purchasing thus they are able to make informed decisions on what to buy.


E-waste refers to electronic waste. This includes electronic devices such phones, computers, refrigerators, television sets among others. Once such electronic devices seize to be in use, they are referred to as e-waste. E-waste should be a concern for the future because electronic waste contains harmful materials such as radioactive elements that are harmful to humans and the environment. With the reduced prices on electronics and the increasing demand for the same, the amount of electronic waste anticipated to be produced is alarming. In addition, the rate at which e-waste is being recycled is much lower than the rate at which individuals are acquiring and disposing electronic gadgets.

Production of Hybrid Vehicles

In the quest to deal with the increasing oil and gas prices, the US has embarked on production of hybrid vehicles that are efficient in fuel consumption. This is a strategic initiative for gas and oil resource management, however it is not enough. This is attributed to the fact that oil and gas are non-renewable resources and hence the need to come up with more ways of conserving more. Therefore, I propose that more countries venture into renewable energy sources in the manufacturing industry. This includes the use of wind and solar energy to substitute for oil and gas. Further, commuter means of transport should be highly advocated for as it will help in reducing fuel consumption.


There are different types of pollution that have been attributed to human activities. They include water, land and air pollution. Air pollution concerns me most because of its occurrence, its effect on our climate and the global reluctance to curb it. Many people have no idea that they have contributed and continue to contribute to the current changes in climatic conditions also referred to as global warming. This is because people pay little attention on matters that deal with the environment. Further, lack of a global consensus in form of a protocol for controlling carbon emission concerns me most. This is because very little is being done to control the situation while the rate of greenhouse gases emissions keeps increasing day by day.

Fulton Avenue Superfund Site

Fulton Avenue is designated as a Superfund site because a cleaning agent known as tetrachlorate which is considered toxic is emanating from the site thus making the site eligible for a rehabilitation program funded by the federal Superfund. This toxic substance resulted from underground accumulation of dry cleaning waste from a dry cleaning company that was stationed at Fulton Avenue. The toxic substance in question has been termed as harmful to both humans and the environment. So far, in the pursuit of controlling the spread of the toxic substance, contaminated soils have been removed from the site. In addition a ventilation system has been installed at the property that used to house the dry cleaner for purposes of ensuring circulation of safe air. Monitoring wells have also been dug to help in monitoring the effectiveness of the cleanup exercise.

Sustainable Farming Practices. Custom Sustainable Farming Practices Essay Writing Service || Sustainable Farming Practices Essay samples, help

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