Teambuilding and Team Work

This report will be focused on teambuilding and team work. For any group of people forming a group so as to meet certain goals, there has to be team work for easier and efficient performance. This is because team work has become the major marketing strategy for many organizations nowadays since many successful organizations always use team work as a way of providing the best goods and services for their customers.


Team building refers to all the activities that are geared towards the improvement of a team’s performance. These activities can be simple team bonding, team simulations or team assessments. Team building ensures that the best is brought out of a team by self development of individuals, improving leadership skill, enhancing positive and effective communication and proper problem solving. Team building though, has become a very challenging activity to many organizations since many people tend to focus on the goals set and the performances of each individual while rewarding them and they leave out their achievements.

Reasons for team building

There are a number of reasons for team building namely;

  1. So as to improve communication and good relationships between the members.
  2. So as to motivate the members.
  3. So as to boost the morale of the members.
  4. So as to help the members know each other better.
  5. So as to get the team members to the same tasks so as to ensure cooperation.
  6. So as to improve a team’s productivity through high performances.
  7. So as to identify and develop leadership skills amongst the team members.
  8. So as to identify and utilize the strengths of team members while improving on their weaknesses.
  9. So as to help team members learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.

There are several team building practices that help a group to build its team well. The first practice is planning. This practice helps in proper decision making since one is sure of what they want to decide from the laid down plan. The second practice is communication. This facilitates proper problem solving between the members. This also improves a team’s performance. The third practice is problem solving and decision making. This practice is the most crucial to a team since it determines where the team is heading to. The final practice is the inducement of trust between team members. This is done through group assignments whereby members are requested to work in groups.

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Creating a team

A good team must be effective in every activity that it undertakes. Being in a team, one is supposed to feel to be part a parcel of something larger than him or herself. In order to formulate an effective team, each individual is supposed to understand the objectives or goals of the organization. You need also to have a sense of team work. There are a number of things that need to be adhered to for a proper team building practice.

First of all, there must be some context. The team members must clearly understand their role in the team they are in and how they can play them. Secondly, the members must be very committed to their roles. They must feel that the roles they are given are important and very relevant to the team. They must also be ready to improve their already acquired skills in the team.

The other thing that needs to be adhered to is the goals and expectations of the team. Each member must be able to know the goals of the team and the roles that they should play in order to meet these goals. The other thing is competence of the members. The members must be fully equipped with the required skills in the team so as to build a successful team. The members must also have trust in themselves and other team members that they have the required skills and competences. The team must also have an access to any help that they need concerning the skills.

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The other thing is control starting from how much power each individual has to the authorities or the team leaders. The team members must be able to clearly define their boundaries and understand them in terms of limitations. The team members must also understand team work and its essence to an organization. They should also be able to work in teams. There should also be effective communication in a team in terms of receiving duties and guideline from the leaders and giving feedback to them. There must also be honest in all the information that is communicated within a team.

Team members are supposed to be proud of their team, accountable and responsible for all the team achievements. Team members should not spend the entire time pin pointing each other’s instead of resolving team’s problem. The team should organize itself in a manner that recognizes both individual and team performance and excellence. The team members should co-ordinate with each other well and the team leadership should be able to organize and allocate resources according to the teams priorities. Organization should be able to transform failure into success by learning how to recognize team’s efforts and their mistakes in the past and supporting only the reasonable risk. Organization should be able to realize that the more it develops a conducive environment for the teams the more pay back they will be able to achieve from this teams.

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Every team members should be congratulated and motivated for their good work and performance. Teams should also increase team membership as the organization responsibilities increases to reduce fatigue amongst members thus improving our performance. This will also ensure that the scheduled activities, run as planned even though the person assigned the task are not around. Failure in a team comes due to the following main weaknesses were improper time management, fatigue and sluggishness. Time mismanagement caused us so much problem since time is money and mismanagement of time is very dangerous to a team or an organization.


The experience of working in this team is really exiting especially when each team member is cooperative, makes working together very conducive.  It’s even more efficient when every member is ready to learn from the other and ready to accept correction any time they went wrong. Obtaining feedback from the team performances is very helpful and constructive since every member is congratulated and motivated for their good work and performance. I believe that with this kind of cooperation can push the team far and more so improve the performance through learning from its past mistakes and working on its weak points. A successful organization is developed by a team which is very organized, cooperative, creative, self-motivated and keen to deadlines.



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