Understanding Grants and Funding

The task of finding out about funding and locating organizations and foundations that award grants can take a lot of time and effort. This article is intended as a guide to help you get started on your grant research journey, leading you to that all-important task of grant writing.

In much the same way that you would set about tackling a scientific work such as lab report writing, there are some essential stages you need to go through before writing an effective grant proposal to win project funding. Firstly, you need to undertake a search, possibly online, to identify the most appropriate organizations to approach for funding. When you have pinpointed potential funding organizations, you then need to work out the best way to introduce yourself and your project to them. Often, it is not the best idea to send a ‘cold’ application to an organization that is unfamiliar with you and your work. Therefore, you may want to consider cultivating a link with your targeted organizations by telephone, introduction letters or personal visits. Then, when the time is right, you will need to put your grant writing skills into practice and send each organization a carefully-worded proposal, concisely setting out your aims and objectives. Support these with an action plan and a breakdown of the budgetary requirements for your intended project. Don't expect an immediate response or instant funding. Many institutions can take several months to consider applications before making a decision.

Our Key Services Are Research, Grant Writing, Proposal Writing, Review Writing and Speech and Presentation Writing

The first aspect of our online service is funding research. We look for and list possible funding organizations at the reasonably cheap hourly rate of $50.00. Our clients have the right to cap the amount we spend that is a figure we should not exceed so, in effect, they can set their own price. Additionally, we prepare introductory letters at the same cheap hourly rate, as and when a client wants to buy them.

The next aspect of our online service is developing the proposal before beginning the actual grant writing itself. This process is not dissimilar to lab report writing or presentation and speech writing in that it needs to be set out in a structured way, where some essential elements need to be presented in certain ways. In this type of essay, we consult with the relevant parties, we undertake an assessment analysis, we brainstorm to find viable solutions and we set out the aims and objectives of the proposed project. We draft a custom grant proposal essay, prepare the supporting documentation, send it to the funding organizations and, at suitable intervals, we follow up on progress. In making applications for corporation or foundation grants, our price range varies from $1,000 to £3,000. In the case of Federal or State funding, our price range starts at $3,000 and can go to about $8,000, depending on the complexity and length of the proposal you buy from us. We will require a deposit upfront, and can bill you at quarterly intervals thereafter if that suits you best.

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Grant research is another aspect of our custom service. This applies if you already have a proposal but not a source of funding. We will locate potential sources for you and we can rewrite your proposal to match these new sources for the same hourly fee of $50.00. 

We also undertake grant proposal reviews as part of our service. If you want us to evaluate your grant proposal before submission, we will happily oblige. We proofread, identify weak parts and suggest improvements. If you need to present it in person, we can also help you prepare for this through our presentation and speech writing service.

Our services also include evaluating grant proposals, so if you want us to professionally appraise your proposal, and just let us know. 

We work on the basis of a signed contract and an upfront deposit. We do not operate on a commission, contingency fee, nor do we require a percentage of any successful grant awards.


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