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Pharmacists are health experts, who help people to make the best use of their needed medicine. Being a pharmacist is one of the professions that allow a health care structure to be wholly serviceable and meet human needs.

Let us start by probing what it means to be a pharmacist, as affirmed in the prelude of the Code of Ethics for pharmacy practitioners. Pharmacists are health experts who aid people in making the best use of medications. This definition alone lets us know a pharmacist’s main concern; the patient. That being in knowledge of the personal state of affairs of the patient ensures that pharmacist uses his or her capacity in the most proper way. Knowing the patient’s condition allows the pharmacist to bestow medications appropriate to what is necessary for the patient. Thus, qualified practice must be practiced by all pharmacists, as it is protected in the code of ethics.

Like a lot of other professions, pharmacists are far from being let off from any ethical issues. A strict code of ethics governs the practice of pharmacy, a code endorsed by virtually all facts that pertain to the practice of pharmacy, a reflection of the nature of how the practice should be; an obliging correlation between the pharmacist, other healthcare providers and the patient. This code, prepared and held up by pharmacists all over the world is a deliberate intention to state the principles that make up the essential basis of the roles and obligations involved in practicing this profession. These doctrines founded on moral obligations and virtues, should be put up to direct pharmacists on how to conduct their relationships with patients, fellow health professionals and society at large. The formulation of the code of ethics laid down to steer them from doing acts that are not in harmony with the line of the work itself. Furthermore, the code is set for the sake of protecting them from outside authorities that may bring their profession into disrepute, also to safeguard them from any harm brought by individuals who might have a vested consciousness in confounding their profession.



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