Migrant Workers

There is need for a comprehensive approach on the issue of discrimination on migrant workers. One of them includes improving the working condition for both the national and the migrant workers in the migrant employment countries. According to Madeleine Sumption, who is a policy analyst at the migrant ion policy institute in the united states, she says that “Immigration issues need to be seen as part of a bigger picture, there are various things going on and you have to solve those problems together, One of those various things is the impact of immigration on the host country workforce”(ILO, 1999). However, there are charges against the migrant workers too, they are said to accept low wages unlike the national workers who work on better wages. As a result, the migrant workers seem to be desperate for job vacancies to their employees and thus the discrimination and mistreatment. In addition, the acceptance of low wages by the migrant workers leads to the breakdown of benefits and the working environment in the host country. On this issue Sumption says “The consensus among economists regarding the longer term prospects is that immigration has a small but positive impact on wages and employment because immigration makes the economy grow. However, there is a segment of the workforce somewhere around the bottom 10 per cent of an earner that does lose out as a result of immigration” (Yaw, 2002).

One of the best ways to deal wit the challenges that are faced by the migrant workers is by focusing on the positive contributions of the migrant workers and the minorities group. In addition to the migrants providing the host countries with the unskilled labor, they also bring entrepreneurial drive and techniques. Germany is one of the countries that are finding solutions to the issue of migrant workers discrimination, German unions called foe active measure to solve this issue and prevent wage dumping and the unfair competition for the unskilled German workers, this also included minimum wage contact for the migrant workers and the minorities groups. Due to these actions, the director of cologne –based insitutte for Germany economy said that in 2008, the country was likely to see a high number of migrant workers shifting from the Western Europe countries to German to the better condition s for them in Germany. The countries that still discriminate migrant workers up to date should follow the Germany’s trend and the economic growth will be significant and most importantly they will have practiced social and moral justice(Yaw, 2002).



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