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There is a saying that says you can take a donkey into a river but you cannot force it to drink the water -  the donkey can only drink unless it is thirsty, so are people. People do what they want to do unless they are motivated to do what they are supposed to do. Staff will excel on a workshop, on tasks and assignments unless they are motivated or driven to it, this can be by either by themselves or through external motivation. Today commercial success in the chaotic and difficult environment success depends on employees utilizing their full talents and abilities. Employees are motivated by different things some by money others material rewards, promotions, recognition among others. Motivation is giving people what they actually want most, the more one the employer or manager provides what the staffs want the more one should expect what they want and that is productivity good service and excellent quality.

The employees in this organization are not motivated to perform well in this program because of lack of challenge, and motivation. The employees seems to be motivated by the wrong reasons, these are; the pay they get for attending the conference, being taken in to nice hotel, missing work for the day and still getting paid. This will make the staff to deliberately fail the test so that they can repeat the program training again. In this training program there are no rewards or reinforcement whether positive or negative, there is no punishment for their not giving the desired results that they should produce. Therefore the employees decide to be indiscipline and unmotivated and decide not to show effort and perform well as expected.

For the employees to perform well the management should consider conducting a questionnaire or survey on motivation and empowerment to this program. Staff are very helpful when the management are trying to establish a system of motivation for staff in the company. Alongside trying to develop a motivational system the questionnaires or the survey will be a motivation in its own right as the process of involving and consulting the staff as it is done in the questionnaire is greatly beneficial. The survey should be unique to the organization staff. The survey should look into the following issues.

The primary aim of the training program, the staff may be glad to understand the goals of the training. The questionnaire should ask questions to get to establish whether the company staff is clear of the priorities, mission and principle of the training program. In this the staffs are given an opportunity to tell the management of what they think the program aims at equipping them.

The questionnaire should also try to establish the obstacles that they face in the program that may affect their performance of the training. This should include work related obstacles and also personal obstacles.

People are not motivated by the same things, people value things different therefore the management should get to know what really motivates their staff. The questionnaire should include a question to elicit what actually motivates the staff and also their values. The questionnaire should establish whether they are motivated by status,  having job security, getting recognized publicly, competition, state of fear of perfectionism or are they motivated by good results.

The questionnaire should also establish whether the content or the syllabus of the training gives them some autonomy and allow them to find their own solutions, or are just given the training syllabus and that is the end. The training must be involving to the staff e.g. through question time or brainstorming sessions.

The company should also try to establish through the questionnaire what the staffs feel about the training. Do they feel valued? Does the training meet their expectations? Ask the staff what will help them to improve their commitment and dedication to the training program. Ask the employees what they think should be improved of the program.

The questionnaire should also establish whether the internal image of the program is consistent with the external image the training portrays. The training might have a high external expectation but when one attends the training the image is different and it does not meet the expectations of the staff. The questionnaire should have open – ended questions and also multiple choices question

After conducting the survey the management should compile a report of what is the staff thinks of the organization training program and using this the organization should establish a motivational plan using both positive and negative reinforcement and should include such factors as; the training be a requirement before one is promoted, there should be made a list of the performance of all staff after the training, the staff should be paid after they pass the training among, also a monetary reward. These among other measures should be put in place but one should put into consideration the views of the staff. The management should also look into the course content and also the mode of training.

For a motivation program to be successful there should be involvement of staff and the other entire stakeholder. The motivation should include positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment. The staff is the most expensive asset in an organization and should be taken care of and motivated.

Individual Work Motivation. Custom Individual Work Motivation Essay Writing Service || Individual Work Motivation Essay samples, help

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