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Health care has a broad category of careers that care about the well-being of people. As a young adult being involved in the health care was one of the most prestigious things. It is where a person was involved in saving the lives of people either directly or indirectly. I started to gain interest in the health care field when I was in middle school. This was aided by the fact that my father was a doctor. The only problem with my father was that he was a poor planner. In his daily duties in the medical field, he did not have the best management skills thus they used to affect him negatively. It is because of this reason; I decided to become a health care administrator in one of the top organizations or hospitals.


 My professional goal in the health care department is to become a top administrator in a reputable organization where lives are saved. This has been my main career goal. It is the duty of the top health care administrator to ensure that all activities in the organization run smoothly and effectively. By doing this, more people will get better health care effectively with the least time possible. Additionally, it is not possible for the doctors to save the lives of people on their own; therefore, they need secondary help in saving the lives of different people. For instance, the doctors need professional managers and planners to help them treat their patient effectively (Field, 2007). Knowing that in one way or another I will be involved in saving people lives, to become a health care administrator has been one of my main goals.

In order to become a top health care administrator, I need to have attained the necessary skills required in the profession. In this case, I need to obtain a Master in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. To run a health care organization effectively one needs to have the best administrative skills. I believe that the University of Phoenix offers the best management courses that have the necessary skills required to become a health care administrator. It is because of this reason, obtaining a Masters in Business Administration in the University of Phoenix has been my main education goals to facilitate my career.

In the health care department, I would like to become a chief administrator in a health care providing organization, for instance, a hospital. This is where I will be able to manage the affairs of the organization effectively. This way I believe that I will be able to save people's live indirectly in the most efficient and effective manner. Additionally, as a chief administrator it is possible to save the doctors and the nurses the stress they will have to endure in order to plan effectively the activities of the hospital (Health Care Financial Management Association, 2008). This way time and lives will be saved if duties have to be divided in the hospitals.

There are specific skills that have for the job that I have obtained for the past years. I have experience of seventeen years in the field of management. Experience is one of the skills that are generally required to become a chief administrator. Additionally, it is not any experience; it is managerial experience that I have and it will help me in coping with the different problems as they come. On the other hand, I need to have people skills so that I can be able to understand and solve the needs of different people. The first skill is to understand the different people and the second skill is to understand how to solve the problems (Shi & Singh, 2008).

In order to achieve these skills I need to attend several training sessions in the University of Phoenix education program. In the University, for one to graduate with a master degree he or she needs to attain some skills that involve the understanding of different people. In this case, I will be able to attain the people skills from the institution. Therefore, my plan is to attend the different training sessions where I can achieve these skills, and the organization that will help me obtain these skills is the University of Phoenix.

A career action plan can be described as a plan where all activities of things to do in order to achieve the career objectives put in place as a guide. Therefore, the benefits of a career action plan are that it helps people not to deviate from their career objectives, and attain their goals quickly. For instance, if a person has a career plan, he or she will do anything possible to follow the plan and achieve the goals. In such a situation, a person will not be able to deviate from the career objectives. Lastly, the action plan helps a person to achieve his or her career objectives quickly (Levit & Harwood, 2009). This is because there are no deviations from the main objectives.


            It is very important for a person to achieve his or her goals. To do this, a person needs to plan effectively and in the process, he or she needs to prepare an action plan. As part of my career objectives, my main goal is to become a chief administrator in a health care organization. However, in order for me to achieve this, I need to have the necessary skills that are required to perform the duties. The other goal is for me to achieve a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Phoenix.

Health care . Custom Health care Essay Writing Service || Health care Essay samples, help

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