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Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: Application for Job Position of xxxxxx

As an experienced senior consultant and project manager with an impeccable background in the mechanical, project management, project design, construction supervision as well as Electrical Construction field, I am pretty sure that my outstanding qualifications match your organization’s present needs. My proficiency lies in my capability to effectively to perform various duties such as construction and project management, construction supervision, project design and estimating, field startup and commissioning. I thrive on challenging work-environment.

Enclosed is my resume for you analysis. Some of the principal strengths I offer include:

  • Outstanding organizational, interpersonal as well as communication skills with the versatility required to be very focused  as well as self-possessed in the fast-paced work-environment
  • A greater ability to simultaneously manage various projects while observing rigorous performance standards as well as demanding schedule
  • A hands-on team player and critical thinker who quickly learns new systems, develops constructive expertise and make significant contributions

Given that there is extensively a lot to discuss, I look forward to our discussion concerning how I might be of assistance as well as further advance the visibility of your organization.   


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