Professional Values

Indeed, individual values and especially professional values can affect and influence career success. Ideally, all companies or corporations have their set of values that guide and steer business and employees. Some corporation prefer developing the careers of their employees form the time of recruitment while other prefer recruiting established top level employees from the start. Moreover, in an average work place and setting, there are diverse cultures because individuals from different cultural backgrounds come together. Therefore, every individual has his/her own philosophies, experiences, education and religion, which may affect their day-to-day operations with an organization. Essentially, professional values refer to the guiding principles and beliefs that influence your work behavior. Even though these values may change based on time, setting and the prevailing circumstances, the core values always remain the same. The primary objective of this research paper is to describe how professional values can influence an individual’s career.

There is no doubt that when you live to your core professional values, you become thoughtful of others needs and to yourself. Additionally, whenever you exhibit honorable and respectable morals on a day-to-day basis; when you are genuine, reliable and courteous in the support of moral values, other individuals will always trust and respect you. In your heart, you always recognize and realize what the right course to chart is. Good morals and values will always have a positive effect towards getting and attracting support necessary in furthering your career goals at the workplace. Therefore, stop and think before acting or undertaking any task or before making any crucial decision, at work or in your day-to-day life. Critique and ask yourself some questions before proceeding with a particular situation, for example, how will I handle and manage situations, what should I do, and how will my actions impact on my overall reputation and standing.

In most instances, making good and moral actions in the workplace can be very challenging and difficult. Moreover, one can be very uncomfortable with making the right choices and decisions in certain circumstances. For example, when a company with seniority decides to steal money from the organization or company and you notice the same, one may be tempted either to report the incidence or to remain mum. In fact, you mat risk losing your job or risk being ridiculed and admonished by other co-workers when you report the unscrupulous act. A very honest and sincere person will often face such challenges in their careers and it takes a very strong-willed person to make the right decision in such circumstances.

While working with customers, it may seem very easy to lie to the customers to make a particular sale. However, one should think critically about whether the customer will make repeat purchases after realizing that he/she was lied to. Most probably, the customer will realize that he was lied to by the sales representative and will never trust the related products or corporation. On the other hand, when a customer realizes that all the information given to him/her about a product is true, there is a high likelihood that he/she will make repeat purchases and this can boot your career in various aspects.

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