Employment Skills in Computing

The today technology has changed so much that people need just to embrace it. Everyone needs to familiarize themselves with basic computer skills to fit in the any job market sector. This common knowledge basically implies that one should be in apposition to use word- processor, database program, PowerPoint, spreadsheet and other presentation program. Equally, one should be able to use the internet as this is becoming a basic requirement while seeking for any job in the market. Computer knowledge however varies depending on the nature of career that one decides to pursue. We have program application whereby one is said to have this skills if he or she can comfortably use all the programs in the computer, be able to troubleshoot without assistance incase of any problem, and be in a position to extend the capabilities of a program, and going an extra mile of what others know other than just the normal problems in a computer. Here, when I talk of applying program skills I simply mean that one should be able to design graphics, websites, apply multimedia that is used in accounting, trace geographical areas using the computer and this is mostly used in urban landscape planning and management.One needs to have fully and at length the knowledge of HTML, java programming language and confirm this by at least coming up with some simple programs that are connected to the same. This two are mostly used in dynamic web sites. For employment opportunities, it takes more than just computer skills. There are other more basic requirements that are needed for one to be safe in the job opportunities. Even if you are a web designer, you must be in a good position to integrate graphics and text. Know how to incorporate text with your graphics and by doing this, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and have a competitive advantage from the rest. One should also posses a very strong interpersonal skills and ability to solve problems.

Here we do not mean ability to solve computer problems but problems that are related to people. This is an aspect that is required right from the technical level to the managerial level. One should also possess the ability to adapt to the new technology very fast and learn the new technology that keeps on advancing day in day out. This is a very critical aspect to any person who intends to prosper to any of his field. There has been eruption of online marketing and now people can even purchase products or services online. When a manager is not well equipped with a technology, he may be left behind as other competitors in the same industry try to move with technology.

Apparently, many organizations are investing so much on the IT department because that is where the business is. Right now, you can browse a cite of a certain company find the details of their service or product and later place an order of the same product and just by a click of a button, a sale will already be made and delivery will be taken care of mostly by the organization because the charges for shipment mostly is included in the price of the product. Managers should be so keen when it comes to this issue of online purchases just to secure their customers from conmen and people who can probably hake the site and interfere with the customer's information with an aim of stealing from the customer. In most cases employees seek for employees online and in most cases they prefer the information and details of the entire applicant being online just to reduce on the bulkiness of the office work and make the recruitment offices little bit tidier. Besides, it is easily stored and information of so many applicants can easily be traced out in this also is by a click of a button.



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