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Practice Administrator

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PRACTICE ADMINISTRATOR: it is the duty of the administrator to oversee the activities of all members of staff in the practice, make an analysis and devise effective improvement strategies. Being the first day of the practice administrator in the practice, I would have to go through the entire practice and make an analysis of the activities by the staff members.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: The practice administrator is not the decision maker and therefore must report his or her reports to the physician owners.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: The duties and roles include overseeing all the staff operations, the management of the entire practice and this is taken in the right and ethical direction.


As has been indicated, this is the first of work in this position in the institution and therefore it is important for me as a practice administrator to go through the records of the clinic and also the routine activities in the practice. This means that the first day in the office of the practice administrator is a very busy day because it includes functions such as those listed below.

  1. Review the current mission and vision statement of the clinic to make changes in developing another or still retaining the existing one ensuring that the policies and other governing tools in the clinic follow the mission and vision statements.
  2. Since the clinic is also a business, it is the role of the practice administrator to lead in development and implementation of business plans that are then presented to the physician owners.
  3. Making recommendations on development and implementing the improvement exercises in the clinic and the practice as a whole.
  4. Determining the current trends in the operations of the practice so that this information is presented to the board for discussion and review.
  5. Determining the existing policies of the clinic and examining their feasibility in the business.
  6. Determine the recruitment and hiring process of the company and revise them in case of challenges.
  7. Looking up the financial affairs of the clinic. This means that by the end of the first day in office the practice administrator must have held a meeting with the board of directors, the managing physician owner, the CPA and the head registered nurse in the institution.
  8. Make an analysis of the billing process to determine the efficiency of the system.
  9. Another important thing is ensuring that the employees in the organization work in a highly harmonized atmosphere and efficiency is upheld. This means that as a first duty to the practice, it is important for the practice administrator to review the contracts of employees, meet with the union leaders if any to determine if there are complaints from the workers and also visiting all the areas of work for each and every worker in the organization. All this are meant to ensure that the workers offer their best. It is important to keep in mind that the first impression that is created by the administrator to the workers is very important to the workers especially because the administrator is the only among the top level management of the practice that has more interaction and direct contact with the workers and also with the clients.
  10. The administrator also has to review the policies of the practice and ensure that there is compliance with the regulations set by the regulatory agencies.
  11. Evaluate the level of community education on healthcare that is offered by the practice and come up with strategies for either the inception of this education or enhancing the already existing one.
  12. Note that the administrator is the reflection of the relationship between the practice and the health department, regulatory agencies and other players in this sector and therefore there is importance to review the position of the practice in this company so that proper improvement measures can be devised.

There are many other functions that the practice administrator needs to look into although this are the most important ones on the first day in the clinic.



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