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The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my current progress with regard to job acknowledging that you have been instrumental in my career and search for job placement.

I secured a permanent job with The East Bay Vision Center, Optometry. East Bay Vision Center, is a health care center dealing in eyes and related structures such as visual systems and vision information processing. It was founded with an objective of offering the best eye care and the best eye wear. As such, the health care is committed to ensuring that their clients/patients are offered utmost eye care and attention.

As you can realize, this job requires an individual with Optometry qualification. This includes conducting eye examination, testing visual perception, prescribing glasses, providing visual therapy and analyzing test results among others. However, there are other duties within Optometry and at “The East Bay Vision Center, Optometry” in particular which I realized do not necessary require Optometry qualification. These duties require an individual with proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarins, and English languages, both spoken and written. In my view, I was able to secure this job because of my knowledge of Cantonese, Mandarins, and English languages. In fact this goes in-line with my duties at the health center.

As an employee at the health care, I have varied duties. However, all these responsibilities involve interacting with the patients and fully certified doctors. In other words, I could be called a mediator between the doctors and the patients thereby making Cantonese, Mandarins, and English languages handy to the health care. This is because the health care draws patients and qualified doctors from varied geographical locations. These two parties rely on optometrist assistants to successfully seal the transaction.      

My first duty is checking in with patients on their arrival at the health care. This is an important part of medical procedure. It requires patients to be identified correctly to avoid medical errors, testing errors, wrong care and attention. Through checking of patients, I am able to identify the patients and match them with correct health care. Patient grouping is always based on need for eye examination, contract lenses, laser vision correction, optical services, and treatment of eye diseases, one hour service or Orthokeratology.       

Secondly, I am responsible in helping patients conduct a pre-test prior to being attended to by a fully certified doctor of Optometrist. In most cases, it is such tests that serve as determinants and guidelines on how the patient is to be handled by the doctor. Often, pre-tests involve screening and diagnosis of problem in either symptomatic or asymptomatic patients. The aim of pre-test is to monitor therapy, make confirmation, and offer prognostic information in patients who have been established to have eye or visual problem.

My second duty at the health care requires a combination of Cantonese, Mandarins, and English languages, and optometrist, glaucoma or cataract screening knowledge. As such, “The East Bay Vision Center, Optometry” offered me a training on two areas. The first training focused on how to use the pre-test machine commonly known as “Glaucoma Machine”. Through this training, I attained appropriate skills, knowledge and became an optometrist assistant. You can be assured with the knowledge and skills in Glaucoma Machine; I am knowledgeable in eye-health. I was also trained on medical words so as to be acquainted with medical terms and standards.

My last responsibility at the health care is assisting the doctor as assigned. As an optometrist assistant, it is my duty to offer support not only to the patients, but also to the fully certified doctor of Optometrist.

In closing, I would like to submit to you that working at the heath care, has made me know that my eyes are my windows to the world, and regular eye examination is crucial to protecting my natural vision.

My Current Employment. Custom My Current Employment Essay Writing Service || My Current Employment Essay samples, help

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