Requirements and Preparation for My Future Job

Chemical engineers and engineering management graduates have great job opportunities in the chemical industry and management fields. The job is often well paying, rewarding and challenging. Compared to other professionals in this field and pure scientists, chemical engineers generally earn more. This makes me consider chemical engineering as my future job. This persuades me to consider developing a career in this field.

Although chemical engineers and engineering management graduates are considered to be among the best paid professionals, the jobs are challenging and require certain skills and personality traits. These must be developed well in advance for one to successfully work as a chemical engineer or an engineering management graduate. It is agreed internationally that in order to execute duties and responsibilities effectively, a chemical engineering graduate must develop communication skills, team working, problem solving. These, added to good numeracy and IT skills, can therefore enable me succeed as a chemical and engineering management graduate.

My personality traits suit the demands of chemical engineering as a profession. For example, I have strong analytical skills. This will enable me become a problem solver at the workplace. Besides, I have developed strong aptitude for physics, mathematics and chemistry. This has prepared me adequately to adapt to the technical nature of chemical engineering. I have learnt to visualize complex processes in my environment. This has prepared me especially considering that my dream job demands strong ability to visualize complex processes and equipments and oversee the success of the production process.

In order to get my dream job, I will research and establish the demands for the job. With this knowledge, I will develop the skills needed for this job well in advance especially from high school by focusing more on the technical subjects. These include mathematics, computer, chemistry, biology, physics and languages. Prior development of the required skills will prepare me for a lasting career in chemical engineering.



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