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My dream job in Information Technology (IT) is to become a computer software engineer design and develop software. I like it personally because it has been my long time dream since I was young and I know have learn more in school about it. My work as software engineer design and develop includes developing computer games, operating systems, middleware, and network control system and business applications. I will be applying the theories and principles of computer science and mathematics analysis in order to test, create, and develop and to evaluate all the software applications and systems that make the computers to function or to operate effectively and efficiently (Burgess, 2002).Others tasks I will perform include: reflecting changes in the technological advancement, changing practices of employers especially in the new areas of specialization. It also involves maintaining and planning the future growth of computers, constructing and coordination of computer systems in organizations in order for the organization to performing its core functions and operations with ease. My work will also entail providing a continued technical support to the buyers and customers of the computer software (Burgess, 2002).My strengths are that, I am faster in learning anything new in Information Technology especially on the computer software and hardware where I have specialized in. This makes me to become more interested in computer software engineering. I am also creative and innovative in this field and I can cope with the challenges and be able to do something meaningful in my place of work. My other strength is my academic and professional qualification in the IT field. I understand what is happening in this field of information technology in depth (Burgess, 2002).

I also get current updates in computer software engineer design and can advise an organization on the best technology to adopt. My other strength is that, I can handle both the software and hardware of a computer; hence an added advantage to an organization in that, it will not be necessary to employ two specialists to do the two different jobs. I am social and outgoing; hence communicating and expressing myself to the clients and anybody who needs my assistance will not be a problem or a challenge (Burgess, 2002).The job I would not do is that of the information technology and engineering consultancy. This is because, I like being in the field doing the practical part of it. This will make me gain experience and to be competent in the field. Being a consultant is theoretical in nature but I like practical; dealing with the computers and fixing them in their right positions and to ensure they are operational (Burgess, 2002).I consider this job as the worst because, as I stated earlier that, am innovative and creative, this job will therefore limit my innovativeness and creativity because I cannot explore the IT field in depth. This means that, I will not get a chance to gain experience and to apply the theory that I had learned in class (Burgess, 2002).

In Information Technology, there are many challenges I will face in the course of my career development. Information technology is one of the rapidly changing fields as compared to other disciplines. Technology keeps on changing (dynamic) from time to time; hence it is a challenge to me because I will have to be alert and inquisitive always so as to know and to adopt what is new in the market. This will ensure that I remain relevant in the market full of competitors. This means that, I will have to incur a lot of money in that; I will have to be trained on how to use the new technology (Burgess, 2002).The IT professional courses and trainings keep on changing and the old technology equipments becoming obsolete or irrelevant in the market and their use. The other challenge is getting to train other users in the organizations I will be working in of the same new technologies; it is costly and time consuming when adjusting and adopting new technologies (Burgess, 2002).           Another major challenge is the increased number of qualified professionals in the same field; hence getting a job of my dream may be hindered. IT is attracting many people because in all the work that we do in our lives, almost 80% of it involves the use of the computers and any other technology related equipment. The market is therefore flooding which means I have to really struggle to get my job of dream. All these challenges may affect my strengths in field negatively if I will lack the resources (finances and time) to undertake training so as to remain relevant and competitive as I look for a job (Burgess, 2002).To overcome these challenges, I will take advantage of my strengths so as to get a job my dream and to build my career to greater heights. My innovativeness and creativity will assist me to adjust to the changes and advancement in technology. This will make my work to be easier because I can easily adopt the new technology and to understand all that it entails. I can use my academic and professional qualifications to adjust to the ever changing technology and to secure a job (Burgess, 2002).From the various topics in IS&T, it will be an added advantage because I understood all the theoretical part of it and therefore I can easily cope with the increased number of qualified people in the field. For me to secure my job I have been dream for, I will utilize my nature of outgoing character to secure a job. This is because I can easily socialize or interact with anybody freely; hence I can get the job because I passed very well with the best grades in school (Burgess, 2002).

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